BIOS settings

  Pidder 18:21 19 Feb 2003

Advice is to check BIOS settings before changing the PC battery and possibly reset afterwards. How do I do this and what should I look for? Can't find a thread on this. Thanks.

  Rayuk 18:28 19 Feb 2003

If you can print out your bios settings ok
you can as suggested earlier in the forum use a digital camera and take pictures of bios settings,or of course write all the settings down.
Then when you have replaced your battery go into the bios and check the settings are still the same,if not change them to what they were beforehand.

  Djohn 18:36 19 Feb 2003

There may be an easier way, but until someone else replies, this may help.

1) reboot PC and repeatedly tap the DEL. key and you will see the BIOS screen. You navigate through it by using the up/down and right/left keys on the keyboard, and the Enter or escape key for yes/no.

2) make a note of all the settings, (Write them down) and then exit the BIOS.

Don't worry about making any mistakes while you are in there, because on exit you are asked if you want to save the alterations or not, choose No, and press the enter Key to exit.

  Djohn 18:37 19 Feb 2003

Rayuk, I will have to put my one typing finger out for exercise, if I want to keep up with you! :o)

  Rayuk 18:40 19 Feb 2003

Do as I do and use two fingers.:o}

  Djohn 18:41 19 Feb 2003

Rayuk, I think that if you used your big Toe, you would still beat me! ;o)

  Pidder 18:42 19 Feb 2003

Thanks to both of you. I now have a clear picture of the procedure. Many thanks.

  woodchip 18:57 19 Feb 2003

What Operating System as I have small program you can use to save and restore setting in the CMOS if you are Win98 or WinME send E-Mail by Nickname if you want

  Pidder 18:16 20 Feb 2003


Thanks for your response, I have 98SE. Would you care to e-mail me? As a matter of interest my PC Health status shows Current CPUFAN1 speed as 5232 RPM, Current FAN1 Speed 0 RPM. I'm a bit puzzled.

  Switcher 18:20 20 Feb 2003

As you page through the BIOS press Print Screen and you should get a hard copy of the settings.

It certainly works for me though not for others.

  Pidder 18:35 20 Feb 2003


Thanks for yours. I looked for a print option but didn't see one. I'll look again.

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