BIOS Setting for new processor.

  alansabout 00:00 05 Oct 2003

Hello All. could anyone tell me what the bios settings should be for a A7V333 running a AMD xp 2800+ I have fitted this new processor upgraded from a XP 2200 it runs OK but it seems that my system only runs it at 1700mhz I have updated to the latest bios and allthough it reconises it as a xp 2800 that is as far as I can get, my former processor was running at 1800mhz. thanks

  MjM Hellfire 00:23 05 Oct 2003

Have you messed around with these settings before, or is this your first time setting this up in the bios?

  alansabout 00:28 05 Oct 2003

Hi mjm it is running on default settings at present.

  MjM Hellfire 00:42 05 Oct 2003


Multiplier 12.5
FSB 333Mhz
Speed 2080Mhz
FSB 333Mhz

This is a thoroughbread BARTON chip then? Obviously you have checked that this Barton will be ok with your Asus A7v333...good board by the way, I use one of them for my server with an Athlon 1800xp...anyway.

Do you know were the settings are in the bios for changing the CPU?

  alansabout 15:53 05 Oct 2003

Hello MjM not sure where settings are any info would be of a great help. sorry been offline for a while problems with Modem

  temp003 03:55 06 Oct 2003

For the Barton 2800+, the FSB should be 166 (or 167) MHz. The multiplier should be 12.5, giving a clock speed of around 2075MHz.

There was also a Thoroughbred version of the 2800+ (although it is unlikely you've bought that). For that one, the FSB is 166MHz, the multiplier is 13.5, giving a clock speed of about 2241MHz.

If it is the Barton core, you need BIOS version 1016 or later.

If you have flashed the latest BIOS and still the cpu settings are not right, then check the jumper settings on your motherboard.

It may be that previously the CPU bus frequency was set by using the dip switches on your motherboard. If your previous CPU bus frequency was, say, 133MHz, that may explain why the new cpu is running at a slow clock speed.

The following is based on the Asus A7V333 online manual. Double check your own manual to make sure things are right.

To change the cpu bus frequency manually by jumpers, look for the JEN jumper near the bottom right corner of your motherboard. You need to set the JEN jumper to "jumper mode", i.e. pins 1 and 2 (it may be in jumper mode already).

Then go to the dip switches which are underneath the AGP slot, called SYSCLK, which has 6 switches. For 166MHz, switch 1 and 2 should be ON, and the rest OFF. Then restart computer to see if the cpu is running at the right clock speed.

Alternatively, adjust the cpu settings in BIOS setup, but to do that, you still need to open up the case, to check that the motherboard jumper setting is set for "jumper free" mode for the JEN jumper, i.e. pins 2 and 3.

Having set JEN to jumper free, go into BIOS setup, select the Advanced page, then set "CPU Speed" to "Manual". Then set "CPU Frequency Multiple" to the appropriate one, 12.5 for Barton, and 13.5 for Thoroughbred. Then change "CPU/PCI frequency" so that the CPU frequency becomes 166.

  alansabout 19:12 06 Oct 2003

Hello temp 003 thanks for all that help I think it is now all set for that but it still reads as if it is running at 1.67ghz although in system properties it also says AMD Athlon (tm)XP 2800+ mots confusing. Thank's again

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