Bios Setting

  Allan-263226 18:52 12 Mar 2003

Hi hope you guys can help me here...

I have an Emachines 550/750,P4 1.6ghz, 256DDR
I have just run a program called Pitstop and it has told me that my level 2 cache is disabled and for better performance i should enable it in the Bios settings. On Boot up i am pressing del and it takes me into it (i think). I only have 1 option for Bios, advanced BIOS settings. i have no options for enabling this in here.
Any suggestions will be greatfully recvd.

  Allan-263226 19:12 12 Mar 2003


  woodchip 19:17 12 Mar 2003

If it's a Branded Computer It will be a modified Bios more than likely the hide Setup features

  Gongoozler 19:17 12 Mar 2003

Hi Allan. As far as I know, the P4 has all the L2 cache it needs on the chip. It is common for so called diagnostics programs to give false alarms, and this looks like another one.

  spikeychris 19:21 12 Mar 2003

I would urge you not to put too much stock in pcpitstop or sandra or any other of the super tweak sites/tools.

There fine when you have problems but when all is running well they can cause paranoia.

What make of motherboard do you have.


  €dstow 19:25 12 Mar 2003

Don't believe everything that Pitstop or any other, similar, program tells you. Loads of damage has been caused to machines by people thinking they're doing the right thing by carrying out these "improvements" and when they're done all they've got to show for it is a box of very expensive, almost useless scrap.

If you machine is working OK, ignore these panic mongering messages and use the computer for what it was intended - computing - and not for contemplating its own virtual navel.


  cracker23 19:27 12 Mar 2003

Just had to say,that was very well written :-))

  €dstow 19:30 12 Mar 2003

Thank you (bows gracefully){;-))

Really must go home now.


  cracker23 19:34 12 Mar 2003

your welcome

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