BIOS Set-up Help with Gigabyte GAK8N Pro SLi

  Giggle n' Bits 20:37 28 Apr 2006

I have now finally got round to switching my new pc on DIY, but the hard bit is the BIOS/CMOS. I need some good person out there to help and confirm or advise what I should have set for a list of about 20 things in the BIOS/CMOS.
Before I go on I have a AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800, 2x PC3200 DDR400, x1 Seagate 160GB not partitiond and don't require Raid, 256MB PCI-Express 7900GT not using SLi. Do not require Lan or Firewire. Oh, and not interested in Over Clocking.

To make things easier for someone to be able to help I list by number the parts in the Bios which I need confirmation are correct or changing.

Intergrated Pheripherals:-
1. OnChip IDE Chanel 10 = Enable
2. OnChip IDE Chanel 11 = Enable
3. IDE DMA Transfer Access = Enable
4. NV IDE/SATA Raid Function = Disable
5. NV Serial ATA 1 = Enable
6. NV Serial ATA 2 Enable
7. IDE Prefetch = Enable
8. USB Memory type = Shadow (Optn Base Mem 646k)
9. CIR Port Address = Disbabled
10. Legacy USB Storage detect = Enabled

Power Management:-
11. ACPI Suspend Type - S1(Pos)
12. AC Back = Soft-Off

Motherboard Inteligent Tweaker (M.I.T):-
13. HT Freq = Auto
14. CPU Freq = 200
15. K8 CPU Clock Ratio = Auto
16. DDR Clock/Timing Mode = Auto
17. CPU Spread Spectrum = Centre Spread
18. SATA spread Spectrum = Disabled
19. PCI-E Spread Spectrum = Disabled
20. PCI Clock = 100MHz
21. Robust Graphics Booster = Auto
22. Auto Detect PCI Clock = Enabled
23. CPU Voltage Control = Normal
24. Chipset Core PCI-E Voltage = Normal
25. HT Link Vlotage Control = Normal
26. DDR Voltage contorl = Normal
27 Advan Chipset Feature DRam SSE/SSE2 = Enabled

Again any kind person who could check these above BIOS Settings & Correct me if anything is not right. I would be very, Very, Very Greatfull. PCI Express and Dual Core Processors seem to slap a lot of extra settings in the bios on this board. I have tried Google but its a very big Jigsaw trying to fill the gaps and then I don't know if other infomation is solid advice as the info I am picking up is in snippets.

Thanx's !

  Giggle n' Bits 21:53 28 Apr 2006

Hi ade.h, thanks for the call, appreciate you knowledge here. I take it then from what you say everything is honky dory above in my list. Good really, it took me ages to type it out.

Thanks again. Going to make my SATA Driver Floppy now. Really looking forward to this.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:08 28 Apr 2006

I feel a lot happier now, and I can stop my panic attack's which I have been having all day like 40 fags and 50 Coffee's Stress or what here.

Just about to start making my SATA Disk.

Cheers again.

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