BIOS & Sandra disagree

  GRFT 09:01 05 Jun 2004

The BIOS reports the temp of my Athlon +1800, running at 1.53g, as 37.5, Vcore = 1.52. Sandra says the temp is 53.5, quite a difference. The Vcore is also reported higher at 1.65. I imagine the BIOS readings are correct. Has anyone else noticed this discrepancy with Sandra2004?

  one23 09:46 05 Jun 2004

On my system with Athlon 2800+ it reports that " Mainboard temperature is too high" and "one of the system fans has failed or is spinning too slowly".

I have opened the case and all fans are working ok and temperatures in BIOS are normal.

It does say in the help section that this is because a tenperature monitoring sensor is fitted.

Anyway it's all beyond me so for the last month i've done nothing and my PC is going fine.

  Gongoozler 10:14 05 Jun 2004

Any temperature monitoring software must be programmed for the sensor the motherboard uses. The BIOS will be designed for the sensor on your motherboard, SANDRA may not. I find MotherBoard Monitor MBM5 is very good for monitoring temperatures and voltages. click here.

  thms 10:35 05 Jun 2004

I have the same Athlon as you and got the same message from Sandra. As I had just fitted a new motherboard this didn't half give me a fright.

Installed the Asus probe that came with motherboard and everything is ok. Still get the same message with Sandra though.

  spuds 12:34 05 Jun 2004

I tend to find that Sandra can give some wrong results. I prefare Everest Home [ex-Aida 32]which you can download from click here

  Gongoozler 13:04 05 Jun 2004

I agree with spuds that Everest (AIDA32) gives more reliable information than SANDRA. MBM5, however is best for temperature monitoring because it has the ability to display processor and case temperature on the taskbar.

  GRFT 13:16 05 Jun 2004

Many thanks for the confirmation and information. It's just as I thought. Perhaps the MB could be a little cooler, but I intend to add a case fan shortly so hopefully that'll improve things.

  Mango Grummit 13:22 05 Jun 2004

It is well documented that Sandra is rather a nonsense but then again so is much other of it's ilk -- known as "scareware" for the uninitiated.

If your machine is working OK then it's best to find some use to put it to rather than spend time measuring this, that, and the next thing Eg, temps, speed, etc.

If you machine is not working OK then if you post your problem with a new thread someone will be along to help you pdq.

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