BIOS rollback/downgrade possibly broke laptop

  JakeBuddy34 14:12 14 Jan 2018

I had to perform a BIOS rollback on my HP pavilion laptop (w10) the other day because I deleted a Linux partition and because of me not doing it properly, it couldn't boot into Windows again.

But a day after that, I left my laptop on sleep mode over night and the next morning the battery was completely drained. I put in the charger and let it be for some hour, but it refused to start. When you press the power button it lights up and you hear the fans start going, but the screen stays black and the keyboard is not responding.

I have tried doing a hard reset but it doesn't do anything. There's nothing wrong with the battery or the charger either because it works on my older laptop. I don't know what's causing this, and keep in mind it worked perfectly fine after the BIOS rollback, but not after it died cus no battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 14 Jan 2018

It has crashed during sleep mode due to flat battery and corrupted some windows files.

if windows 10 power on then off after 5 seconds repeat three times then let it boot to repair options and do a start up repair. if that doesn't work you can download and make a win 10 iso from MS boot from the windows boot media and do the repair from there.

  JakeBuddy34 02:00 15 Jan 2018

Thanks for the answer. It doesn't turn itself off after 5 minutes or more, the screen stays pitch black until it runs out of battery or I forcefully shut it down by holding the power button. I don't know much about repairing windows 10, but do I need a computer to fix this one? My old one is really old and I don't think it's in good enough shape to be of any use.

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