Bios Restore factory settings.

  birdface 10:44 20 Jun 2010

Just a quicky.
Using this method in the Bios does it just change the Bios settings or the whole computer and if so would I loose all programs installed since.
It just says ,
This option allows you to reset every option back to the way it was when the system left the factory.
I presume it does what it says and restores the whole computer.

  Atlantic Man 10:52 20 Jun 2010


No- when you restore cmos\bios settings it only restores changes made in the cmos enviroment, all data is located on your hard-drive space, and has nothing to do with bios information- CMOS settings gets stored in an onboard-chip.

So if you restore optimal settings it will correct harware changes made in the cmos setup- these changes( if changed-not knowing ) can cause hardware damage to the CPU and RAM- also can screw up your chipset addresses- which is not good @ all.

I recommend " Restore Optimal Defualts "- save and exit.


  birdface 11:38 20 Jun 2010

Ok thanks for the information I just thought that looks usefull but obviously not.
It is an old computer and I do not normally go into the Bios but thought that I would try and see what was on it.
I had some problems with it about 3 weeks ago and got some good advice on here on how to fix it using the Bios so now I was just curious as to what else there was on it.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I shall leave it as it is.

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