Bios recognises 2nd hard disk but Windows doesn't

  ernieernie 16:57 16 Apr 2004

Suspecting that my hard disk is about to fail I have bought a new one and installed it. The bios recognises it but Windows does not, neither does ztree. Is there something else I have to do? The bios is Award.

Please help before the old drive packs up!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 16 Apr 2004

It needs to be fdisked and partitioned.

What OS are you using?

  Rogerfredo 17:00 16 Apr 2004

Have you established a primary partition and formatted the new drive?

  TBH1 17:04 16 Apr 2004

Diodorus Siculus has hit the nail on the head. If your using w98se, boot from startup floppy, fdisk from prompt, change to your new hard drive and fdisk it - - -payp particular attention to the 'change to your new hard drive bit. Of course if your xp, I ain't got a clue though gonna have to learn as just upgraded to that.

  ernieernie 17:16 16 Apr 2004

Thanks for a quick response, but how to fdisk if I can't access the drive? I am usinig XP Home

  Djohn 17:33 16 Apr 2004

Right click on your "My Computer" Icon and choose manage then disk management. You will now see your second drive as "Drive 1".

Right click on the right-hand side of the window of disk 1 and partition to full size or any size you wish then format from the same place. Once you right click on the drive from disk management you will have the option to follow a "Wizard" that will do it for you. j.

  Rayuk 18:05 16 Apr 2004

You may be better off using the hard drive manufacturers software to instal the drive and copy over everything from the old drive.

  ernieernie 20:35 16 Apr 2004

Thanks Djohn. Your advice looks good to me. I won't have chance to do it until Monday but I will post the result when I have done it.

Thanks Rayuk. I have Acronis TrueImage which includes a facility for copying everything and making the new drive bootable. (it says)

  howard60 20:52 16 Apr 2004

I had the same problem with a maxtor drive and had to download their software which found the drive and set it up.

Had the same prob,used XP disk management,see thisclick here the new one up and running in no time.

  ernieernie 13:37 19 Apr 2004

Thanks Djohn. Just as you said, with one exception that foxed me for a minute. After right-clicking on My "Computer" and choosing manage then disk management, the second drive came up as "Drive 1", but clicking on its right-hand did nothing until I had clicked somewhere on the left on to "Initialise" (I think it was initialise or something equivalent). It had me worried for a minute but everything worked beautifully after that.

I then used "Disk Clone" from Acronis True Image to clone the old disk to the new after which I physically removed the old drive and made the new one as master. Hey Presto! perfect first time with quick and good start-up.

The old drive is now being destroyed as it is highly suspect to say the least.

Thanks again to all you experts who help to keep things moving.


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