BIOS Re-Flash

  seedie 20:13 09 Sep 2003

Half an hour ago I was going to title this thread "dearly beloved we are gathered today"

Noticed Holly Polly has same MB as I and she flashed her BIOS, so I thought to myself go on.

After a particulary good dinner and bott. of claret I fired up the gigabyte upgrade tool and flashed away.

On reboot I got NVram upgrade OK! then wait....

I waited and waited for 5 mins. Reboot again got same thing. Comes the point where you say to yourself "leave 'til tomorrow" but stupidity prevailed and pressed DEL on 3rd boot.

Set BIOS to defaults and as the saying goes. "Bobs your unc"

1st flash I've done; virtual drinks on me boys.

Chuffed CD

  mark e 20:19 09 Sep 2003

what model mobo did you flash

  Philip2 20:20 09 Sep 2003

Don't go there unless you know what your doing one slip on your part can you an arm and a leg as they say.

  spuds 20:21 09 Sep 2003

I have still got to attempt this nerve racking experience. A bottle of claret you said?

  seedie 20:30 09 Sep 2003

Gigabyte GA-7ixe

There's a flash utility you can get from the Giga site which does it in windows

  mark e 20:55 09 Sep 2003

Thanks I have the utility, I just wanted the model as I have the GA-7VA.


  holly polly 20:55 09 Sep 2003

ok so u came and joined me funny as to how you got the same mobo as me ,easy aint it ,don't know what all the fuss was about ,incidently wot bios version r u now running i have f7-hol pol
ps dont call me a she ,im a bloke well i was last time i looked -hol pol...

  seedie 21:04 09 Sep 2003

Sorry 'bout gender mistake.

Now f7 and detects 40g drive

  holly polly 21:13 09 Sep 2003

ok seedie apology accepted reason i flashed bios ,installing a new 80 gig hdd the bios flash u done should support upto and over 75 gig -hol pol...

  JIM 21:51 09 Sep 2003

I know if the lady can do it ,I CAN. lol.

ps, i would have thought the same so you have saved me a red face day.:)

  holly polly 22:34 09 Sep 2003

dont ask me how i got this user name but thinking of doin a posting and putting the record straight,lol-hol pol...

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