BIOS problems?

  Storic12 11:06 17 Apr 2011

Have had problems with the following computer set up for about four months now and the owner has returned it to me for the fifth time. Can anyone help, please?

Asus M4A785TD-M EVO. – AM3 motherboard AMD Athlon II 240 cpu 4 GB KINGSTON ValueRam (2 x 2 GB kit) – since changed to Crucial Western Digital Cavia Blue 500GB Sata HDD LiteOn 18x int SATA DVDROM Sony 24x int. SATA DVDRW Enermax Liberty 400W Modular ATX PSU ECO iBox Cube Micro ATX PC Case

This computer has constantly frozen with BSOD screen in Windows XP Professional 32 bit OS. The Bios resets itself, and then frequently refuses to boot – leaving just a black screen with no error beeps. I have to use the jumpers to clear the BIOS and reset it. The computer may then run for anything up to five or six days without problems and then falls over again. I suspected that the cpu may be over heating but this is very unlikely as the temperature shows in “Asus Probe” as anything from 37oC – 42oC maximum, depending on work load. (I have fitted four cooling fans into the case – three at back and one large Enermax fan to the front.) Have tried the following: 1) Changed the memory to a Crucial kit (2 x 2GB) compatible with board. 2) Have installed a PCI Express Graphics Card – uninstalled drivers for onboard ATI graphics. 3) Have successfully flashed the BIOS to the latest from Asus. 4) Have reseated the PSU with necessary thermal grease. 5) Have used both sets of memory slots. 6) Everything in the BIOS is set to “auto” and there is no overclocking. I have now run out of ideas and would appreciate some thoughts on this problem. I am beginning to suspect that this is a motherboard fault. What do you think?

  woodchip 11:23 17 Apr 2011

As above Change MoBo

  birdface 12:22 17 Apr 2011

I know not a lot about computers but could it be the CMOS Battery needing replaced.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:22 17 Apr 2011

New CMOS battery

  Storic12 12:31 17 Apr 2011

Thanks to all for your replies. I had thought of a new CMOS battery (do have a spare) but this motherboard was purchased at the end of June last year (29th to be exact) and this shouldn't be the problem - however it is worth a try. thanks. I am desperately hoping that it is NOT a faulty motherboard because this computer was exasperating to build in such a small case - much blood shed and squished fingers! :-) Thanks to all - will update later.

  woodchip 12:42 17 Apr 2011

Now you are posing a different setup as it could be overheating. can you try it without the case on

  Storic12 15:30 17 Apr 2011

Woodchip: Thanks for your reply. I have run the computer without the casing and it didn't make any difference. I'm not convinced it is the CMOS battery either, but will give it a try. I think you were probably right first time. :-)

  Storic12 14:12 18 Apr 2011

Have fitted a new CMOS battery and the computer booted OK, but as this is the equivelent of clearing the BIOS via the jumpers I wasn't holding my breath. Everything worked fine, Windows booted without problems and I tested the sound with a music CD, tried out a minor game, loaded and edited a couple of photographs and everything was OK. Did a soft boot, closed down, rebooted and again loaded a music CD. The computer came up with a BSOD screen (memory dump etc) - wouldn't close down. Switched off via computer on/off button and then (after 30 seconds) switched on again. Nothing! Blank screen no error bleeps. Motherboard is being returned. :-(

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