bios password removal

  howard64 09:26 18 Jun 2011

I have been asked to get the photos off a Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop. I need to remove the bios password on it, the owner died and his wife would like the photos saved. It is fairly old! in terms of laptops, as it is running windows me and only has 128mb of ram. Does anyone know how to remove this password? and where I can get a manual showing the location of ram and the cmos battery. Thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 10:39 18 Jun 2011

Simplest thing to do would be to remove the Dell laptop harddrive and connect it via a caddy,something like this USB Caddy to another PC and copy the files you want. If you go to this page Dell scroll down to PDF documents: Solutions Guide, you will find on page 72 details of how to remove the harddrive.

  gengiscant 10:45 18 Jun 2011

You might try the Dell backdoor password which is #Dell

  gengiscant 10:56 18 Jun 2011

Sorry without the hash sing. just Dell.

  bremner 10:57 18 Jun 2011

Have a look at this Click Here

  robin_x 11:53 18 Jun 2011

Resetting password by clearing CMOS may not work on laptop.

Ultimate Boot CD has some BIOS/CMOS Tools.

Or Hiren's

  howard64 12:57 18 Jun 2011

thanks but the Dell or #Dell does not work

  gengiscant 13:05 18 Jun 2011

I did post again pointing out that the hash(#)was a mistake. Its just Dell.

  richardsole 13:34 18 Jun 2011
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 18 Jun 2011

BIOS Passwords sites






  howard64 17:30 18 Jun 2011

thank you all I found the password it was the mans second name. I now have the manual and can move forward thanks again.

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