BIOS password

  lahorie 16:31 12 Aug 2008

Hi all

My windows xp OS kept freezing and starting by itself after various intervals so i decided to re-install. I made backups etc and the install went OK. The problem i have is the BIOS password when the pc starts is not being accepted. I don't know why this is. I have taken out the cmos battery and started but no luck. Is there anything i can do to clear this?


  Ditch999 16:39 12 Aug 2008

Why do you need to go in to the BIOS if "the install went OK" ?
Usually the BIOS is not password protected (unless its a Toshiba bought off eBay!)
Are you sure its the BIOS password and not the Administrator password in the Recovery Console you mean?

  lahorie 16:45 12 Aug 2008

Its the password when the bios information is displayed on screen before the pc actually boots up. Could re-installing the OS have wiped this?

  Ditch999 18:15 12 Aug 2008

No. That data is stored within the BIOS itself.

Why is there a password and who set it?
Why do you need access to the BIOS?

  skidzy 18:33 12 Aug 2008

Im wondering if bios access is needed to change the wake on lan that might be the cause of the pc starting on its own.


What version bios ? Phoniex/Award/Ami etc....
here is a list of possible bios backdoor passwords,be warned you could be locked out of the bios and need a new bios chip or even at worse,a new motherboard click here

  DieSse 19:38 12 Aug 2008

The "clear cmos" jumper should sort it. This is on the motherboard, so you need to find a diagram for the motherboard showing it.

I can't think of any reason why in a normal startup you should be asked for a BIOS password.

Taking out the CMOS battery should also clear any passwords - but you may need to leave the battery out for 10-60 minutes for it to clear.

  DieSse 19:42 12 Aug 2008

There are normally two BIOS passwords

One to prevent access to the BIOS itself, to prevent unauthorised access.

The second is to prevent access to the PC itself - stops the PC from booting. This one should only show up if you've set it to show up.

  Ditch999 21:42 12 Aug 2008

What is the make and model of the PC or mobo?

Dont think taking the battery out will clear it. They are usually designed so that battery removal will not effect passwords.

Have I missed something when you say "Im wondering if bios access is needed to change the wake on lan that might be the cause of the pc starting on its own." ?

  karmgord 22:42 12 Aug 2008

I've set both the hard drive password & the bios password so in the event of it being stolen it is useless,on HP/Compaq laptops the passwords are stored on a seperate chip that's soldered onto the mainboard so reflashing the bios or removing the battery won't work.

  woodchip 22:56 12 Aug 2008

Contact HP on how to remove it, there will be a way and HP are very helpful

  lahorie 16:32 13 Aug 2008

Hi Guys

Resolved it, set the jumper over pins 1 and 2 and its cleared. It was to prevent access to the pc, had been set by the owner but when reinstalled OS the password was "Invalid."


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