Bios not reading DVD

  carmichy 13:47 05 Aug 2008

I have two self built PC's Neither of them will recognize a DVD RW but will see a CD Rom drive They are connected by IDE. An other question in this thread is it approriapriate to ask for help in here when it is for commercial gain or is better I say it is for a friend.

  iqs 14:45 05 Aug 2008

Have you checked the master and slave jumpers,used a different IDE ribbon ,tried the DVDRW on another IDE controller port on the MB,what about a different MOLEX rail?

How old the BIOS/PC

Sorry for asking,but does the drove work?


  iqs 14:49 05 Aug 2008

does the drive work

  woodchip 14:52 05 Aug 2008

When you ask things you should tell the truth, you will get better thought of.

Is the drive a DVD drive or a CD drive??? as a CD drive will not read a DVD

  DieSse 18:03 05 Aug 2008

If yopu mean they see a DVD drive but report it as a CD drive - that's not so important. It's what the OS sees it as that matters.

  carmichy 00:39 06 Aug 2008

iqs I have checked all that and even changed IDE cable. The DVD's do work on other PC's. One came from a Dell computer and the other is a surplus. The HDD and everything else works fine including CD readers.

Woodchip, I was trying to be honest when I added the other question to this thread. I also thought Forum Editor would have responded. I can run a CDdrive but when I connect a DVD it is not seen in the post or boot up.

  DieSse 01:05 06 Aug 2008

How is the BIOS set for the IDE channels - Auto - or what?

DVD and CD writers normally like to be set to the Master setting. If you are using two optical drives on the same IDE cable, occasionally you will find some are very picky about which make of drives they will work with.

If you really have changed a CD drive for a DVD drive, using the same cable and jumper settings - and no other changes - then it's not logical for one to work and the other not to.

Some drives are also picky about whether a 40-wire or 80-wire IDE cable is used.

  iqs 16:11 06 Aug 2008

I was just about to mention the IDE cables being either 40 or 80 wires,to late.IDE were normally 40,and EIDE 80.

If none of the above suggestions work,there are some drastic steps you could try,but only as a last resort when all else fails.

You could reset the BIOS to factory pre-sets,just in case there is a setting which is causing the problem.

Or Flash the BIOS,Only if you know what you are doing,and you have no other course of action.Flashing could permanently ruin your MB. You say the drives work on other PC's........

  woodchip 16:19 06 Aug 2008

My question as not been answered, Is the Drive a DVD drive or a CD drive

  carmichy 12:44 07 Aug 2008

Sorry Woodchip
I have not looked in here since yesterday. It is a DVD but it is only CD readers I have installed at the moment as DVD's are not recognised at boot up. I have tried fitting DVD' using the same IDE cable (80 pin) as as the ones that see the CD drivers. Both DVD's I have tried to fit in the self built PC's work in other computers.

iqs I am not confident enough to flash the bios but will try resetting bios tomorrow 8.8.8 which is seemingly enough a lucky number here in Philippines.
I appreciate the help so far.

  woodchip 18:32 07 Aug 2008

Have you tried different makes of DVD blanks. As some that work in one drive will not work in another. Did you say that it would not read a DVD like out of a Mag?

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