The BIOS is not installed

  s99Raj 19:58 11 Aug 2003

Anyone knwo what I can do about this message when I start up my newly-built PC (newly-built by myself) :

No drive attached to Fattrak controller, The BIOS is not installed

The PC seems to be working fine except that there are no start up beeps, not even if I remove the RAM. The internal speaker is connected OK I'm sure; there's only one place for it to go and I've tried it both ways round.

The motherboard is a brand new Novatech L7VTA and the BIOS is

FastTrak 100 "Lite" (tm) BIOS Version (c) 2002-2005

Should I just reset the BIOS or CMOS ?

Any ideas much appreciated.

  DieSse 20:14 11 Aug 2003

If the PC is working OK - then do nothing yet - it may be the message is a superfluity.

Fast Track is a model name of a Promise RAID controller. I presume that your system has RAID incorporated, but you have not connected the drives to the RAID controller, hence the message, as the RAID controller BIOS has nothing to control, thus it won't be loaded.

If you look in your motherboard manula, you may see what you have to change in the main BIOS (if anything) to prevent the RAID controller being accessed.

  DieSse 20:17 11 Aug 2003

I can't see a Novatech motherboard with the number you give, on their site - do you just mean you bought it from Novatech - is this really Novatech branded?

  Giant68 20:52 11 Aug 2003

Ignore it. Its the same m/b that I have and it will always check the raid bios. But if you have no RAID setup then it will just carry on into the normal bootup. The m/b itself, I think, is an ECS model that has vey good writeups in the PC press as a cheap and cheerful m/b. I have used it for a few week s and have been very impressed with it.


  s99Raj 23:45 11 Aug 2003

It's not Novatech branded - I mean I just bought it from Novatech.

Anyway, I have only one hard disk attached so I'll just ignore the message. Cheers.

The lack of beep surprises me though.

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