Bios not finding bootable drives after upgrade

  tej2kumar 11:49 01 Oct 2013

Hi. I recently upgraded my graphics card and power supply (power supply due to the old being just under the minimum requirement). Anyways, after the upgrade, my pc starting running weirdly. Most of the time when I turned it on, the fan would go into overdrive and spin more than it should, and I wouldn't be looking at a screen, but it worked after I manually shut down my pc and turned it back on (the restart button itself didn't fix it, it had to be powered off and back on). Anyways, this went on for a while and I didn't think much of it until about a week ago. I turned on my pc and it just said "reboot and select proper boot device". So after trying for an hour-ish, I decided to go and give my hard drive in for repairs. It was a solid state drive and they said that the chances are my data couldn't be recovered (I was annoyed as I had all my save games on there and I never really though about backing up my SSD since they're meant to last for ages). I got home from doing that and it finally made sense to me. The power supply must be stuffed. for some reason I had this feeling that I wasn't getting enough power. I unplugged my graphics card and plugged in my laptop hard drive and it worked fine so it made more sense for it to be the power supply (since the graphics card was probably a massive power consumer). So I went out, returned my old power supply and got a new power supply. I plugged in my graphics card and it has worked fine for the last few days, until today. Again, it said "reboot and select proper boot device". Now im a bit puzzled. Because it worked fine before the graphics card upgrade, I think that may be the cause. but it still doesn't make sense to me somehow. Any ideas? Im tossing between motherboard (because it makes more sense) and graphics card (because thats the only change I made that hasn't been replaced)

Specs: graphics: Sapphire HD7850 OC edition (the new card) CPU: amd 965 quad core 3.4ghz black edition PSU: Cooler master Silent pro gold 550w power supply (the new one, I may return it as I dipped into my savings to buy this and it doesn't seem to be the issue) motherboard: Asus M4N68T-M (it was bottom line when I bought it a few years ago, I plan to upgrade this in a few months) RAM: 4gb (2x 2gb) Kingston desktop ram (again it was low end when I bought it and I plan to upgrade) SSD: 120gb OCZ Agility II (apparently these have problems so I thought this could be the issue but turns out the issue is a bit wider than I thought) HDD: 2tb Segate green (I think. I know its segate and I bought it a while ago, it just holds game install files, movies, music, etc.)

And it is a poor choice between gaming and desktop, but its mostly because I built it on old (and cheap) parts and kind of upgraded it from time to time

  northumbria61 13:44 01 Oct 2013

Could be the HDD but it's more likely to be a loose cable seeing as you have been "messing" around inside your case. See hereenter link description here

  tej2kumar 21:37 01 Oct 2013

Its definitely not the cabling because I always strap the cables to the case with Velcro straps. I dont think its the hard drive either because the other hard drive is the only drive that works when I plug in a different drive and boot from usb. The other drive is deemed unrecognizable and my permanent HDD is still readable

  northumbria61 10:05 02 Oct 2013

Because it worked fine before the graphics card upgrade, I think that may be the cause. but it still doesn't make sense to me somehow

I doesn't to me either - I may be stating the obvious but is the card firmly seated in the slot? I don't think that should give you the error that you have but it was the piece of hardware that you upgraded.

  tej2kumar 12:42 02 Oct 2013

unfortunately I checked and it was fine. I gave it in today for repairs. This way I'll find out if it was the cause. I'll find out soon enough. To me, theoretically it would be the graphics card, but logically, it would be the motherboard. I'll find out soon enough either way. I may actually be looking at 2 separate problems maybe

  northumbria61 12:57 02 Oct 2013

I didn't notice initially that you had two hard drives. I was about to ask you if the correct one was set to boot from in the BIOS - OR if anything else plugged in ie.USB drive etc? but I see you have taken it in for repair.

Some BIOS have a Boot priority AND a HDD boot priority -ie. you have to change the boot drive AND the HDD priority to get a boot. This would most likely account for the error message you received.

Hope it gets sorted for you soon.

  tej2kumar 13:24 02 Oct 2013

This was the first thing I checked. I also checked my sata ports to make sure that my bootable drive was in port 1. Hopefully I'll get both the parts back by the end of next week. I really think its a part gone wrong because it works sometimes. settings don't change often, yet alone change back after a restart automatically. I am certain that its between the motherboard and the graphic card. If its not the card, I'll most likely just give my whole pc to a company for repairs. I've got a mate who owns a small business and he won't mind looking at it for me (as long as I buy the parts from him). this way I won't be buying a motherboard and somehow that ends up not being the problem (the way things are going at the moment, I would be a lot less surprised). Thanks for your help

  northumbria61 13:55 02 Oct 2013

Thanks for the feedback. I hope you are up and running soon.

  tej2kumar 03:03 07 Oct 2013

Ok. so what I was really looking at was 2 problems. Firstly, the power issues were definitely caused by the graphic card. Don't know how, but I'm very sure of this. Secondly, my motherboard no longer likes my other hard drive. so if a non-bootable hard drive is plugged into sata port 2, then it will think that sata port 2 is the primary boot drive, even though its looking fine in the bios. I solved this by simply plugging the other hard drive into sata port 3, and the dvd drive into sata port 4. I'm still waiting to get my solid state drive and graphic card back.

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