BIOS interchangeabilty ???

  daba 00:31 11 Jun 2003

My Gigabyte MoBo (from a Packard Bell PC) has an AMI BIOS, but a visit to Gigabyte website with the MoBo part number shows the BIOS should be an Award one.

Since my current AMI BIOS freezes on the Advanced CMOS Setup screen, can I use the Award BIOS instead?

Are BIOS's from AMI and Award interchangeable for a specific MoBo ?

Do Packard Bell have MoBo's manufactured to their exact specs that require a specific BIOS ?

So many questions in one go.....


  The Spires 03:04 11 Jun 2003

Have you looked here? click here

  The Spires 03:18 11 Jun 2003

From what I can see it looks like Packard Bell have fitted a custom Bios on some Gigabyte mainboards. You can't change the bios on the board & attempting to update with anything other than exactly to correct Bios update if there is one will render your board useless other than for ornamental value. Have you tried emailing the company for further information?

  kane_2002k 03:29 11 Jun 2003

i.e. compaq (i had one), don't allow you to change setting in bios upon entering those sections in the bios the pc willl crach

  Despicable Desperado 23:56 12 Jun 2003

Another reason not to buy Packard Bell!!!!

  woodchip 00:06 13 Jun 2003

They are not interchangeable if it's Ami Bios chip then Award Flash will destroy your board

  woodchip 00:09 13 Jun 2003

Computer Makers such as HP or Packard Bell fit there own BIOS chip's and Program them. You should go to Packard Bell for a Flash upgrade

  daba 23:25 13 Jun 2003

Well I think they should NOT call it a Gigabyte GA6WMM7 MoBo if thats the case.

What if I'd been less cautious and gone ahead an done it?

Who would have picked up the pieces?

  pug10 23:57 13 Jun 2003

I have also been wondering about this subject as I have a Gigabyte GA-60MM7E 'board with Ami bios and the Gigabyte website shows the F8 (jul 20 2001) update as providing an AWARD BIOS as part of the update??
An e-mail to Gbt-tech support in the UK has brought no response

  daba 23:37 20 Jul 2003

Did you ever get a response from Gigabyte.

I still cant see how replacing the BIOS could prevent the mobo from working, after all its the same hardware (the mobo and chips) they sell as their own, and P-B surely haven't had a different mobo or they would have coded it differently.

As for the flash rom being an 'Award' one, thats only a sticker or paint surely ?

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