Brandini 15:33 07 Nov 2004


I've just accessed the BIOS set up on my PC (with the aim of adding a second hard drive as a slave).

To my amazement the existing HDD and CD-ROM were both set as slave settings on the BIOS, i.e.

Primary IDE Master: None
Primary IDE Slave: ST34323A (my current HDD)
Secondary IDE Master: None
Secondary IDE Slave: 50 x CD-ROM Drive

The HDD jumper settings are correctly set to signify 'Master' settings, and I'm using the black (rather than grey) connector on the IDE cable.

At the moment. the PC boots up and operates without any problems. However, I'm anticipating problems when installing a second hard drive (as the slave hard disk) unless I alter the current BIOS IDE settings.

Can anyone please advise me how I can change the current settings to show the current hard disk and CD-ROM as Primary IDE Master and Secondary IDE Master repectively.

Also, will I have problems installing the 2nd hard drive as a slave unless I change these settings?

  Diemmess 16:03 07 Nov 2004

While I've no sound idea why it should, ...... Have you tried the jumper on the HD set as CSL?

I assume that in the BIOS the HD is set to Auto? If you make any alterations, do them one at a time, and provided the Slave (when it is fitted) is set to slave, it will be fun to see how the computer interprets all this!

  Brandini 17:16 07 Nov 2004

Diemmess - Thanks for the response.

I have up to now opted against changing the jumper settings to CSL as I'm not 100% sure that the controllers support this.

In BIOS the HD is set to Auto.

Help still needed!!!

  Diemmess 17:31 07 Nov 2004

When I was trying to wake my system to a new HD, I could not get it to recognise the brute until I used the CSL jumper!

In fact I was trying to make my new HD work as the only HD while I did its initial format. (Very long memories of a "friend" trying to be helpful while two HDs were connected, and he had wiped everything.)

  Brandini 17:36 07 Nov 2004

Cheers Diemmess.

I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

  Brandini 23:37 07 Nov 2004


Tried the CSL Jumper and it worked!!

There was a dodgy power lead connection that didn't help, but I'm now up and running with the new hard drive.

Many thanks.

  User-312386 08:37 08 Nov 2004

Yes CSL (Cable Select) is the better option nowadays.

Let the computer sort it out

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