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Bios and HDgb wrong

  zoobie 20:44 12 Aug 2007

I've tried every possible channel and master/slave combo to get my BIOS to recognize a second HDD's D drive's full capacity (250gb) but no go. There's no Bios update and it seems to be stuck on 57gb when it used to recognize it fine. BIOS recognizes my 250gb system C drive OK. How would I find the proper settings to edit both?

XP Pro

  howard64 20:47 12 Aug 2007

could a jumper have come off? some drives have a lower rating for some purposes and the jumper disables it.

  zoobie 01:25 13 Aug 2007

Nope. I even just hooked up this drive alone and tried every jumper setting. Bios always shows 57gb on this drive. Same in Windows Disk Management. How do?

  zoobie 03:09 13 Aug 2007

OS sees 57gb. No other computer to try with. It's my regular HD slave I've had for 2 years. Diagnostics reports it to be the Primary slave, drive in good cond and the jumpers correct. I just put a new HDD as my system C drive and BIOS sees that fine. Perplexing...

  zoobie 05:24 13 Aug 2007

What may have happened is when XP was installed to C, Microsoft fails to tell you to disconnect any other HD's. The D drive was turned into a RAW file format and possibly damaged. I've recovered most but now need to re-format D back to NTFS...but it's only reporting 57gb in Disk Management and BIOS.

  zoobie 18:25 13 Aug 2007

I have SP2 installed
Both HD's are the same size (250gb)
Disk management says D is all unallocated but shows only 57gb.
I've been using Linux but the Knoppix version which runs from the DVD tray.

I just stuck some other HD's in as slaves and they report correctly in BIOS and disk management. This leads me to believe the 250gb drive in question was damaged during the XP install to C drive.

I'll run killdisk today and report the results.

XP Pro

  zoobie 19:29 13 Aug 2007

I just ran killdisk....still says 57gb in bios and disk management....I think this disk is dead.

  zoobie 00:37 14 Aug 2007

Where can I d/l a fdisk for windows98se iso?

  zoobie 06:44 14 Aug 2007

I found and ran a bootable win98se iso but it really screwed up my box even with C completely disconnected. Windows just kept restarting. I'm lucky to make it back here. Well, I guess this is where my decision to get a 3 year warranty on D drive kicks in. Seagate/Maxtor is sending me a new free drive. Also, my new C drive came with a 5 year warranty....high recommended.

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