BIOS gone bad

  Technoob 05:40 01 Jan 2008

I have an HP Pavilion a250n
It will not boot because the BIOS has been corrupted.
Message on screen is: Bad BIOS Checksum - Starting BIOS recovery
It is looking for a file called "HPBIOS.ROM" on either a diskette or a CD.
Neither my recovery CD or the Tools CD has this file.
Clearing CMOS does nothing. Battery has been replaced.
I need the file "HPBIOS.ROM" in order to restore the BIOS.
I downloaded the bios file from the HP website but not sure where to go from there

  ambra4 05:48 01 Jan 2008

Go to hp site and read on how to upgrade bios

click here

  Diemmess 09:30 01 Jan 2008

Before anything irreversible have you tried resetting the BIOS to factory defaults?

It is unlikely that this will cause anything to malfunction since the basic factory settings are adequate for most computers and only need changing when adding exotic peripherals or basic changes to CPU and that sort of thing.

  DieSse 11:49 01 Jan 2008

"....but not sure where to go from there"

Since you said earlier "It is looking for a file called "HPBIOS.ROM" on either a diskette or a CD." - I suggest you put the file you've downloaded onto one or the other, and let the recovery program find it.

  Technoob 18:04 01 Jan 2008

ok guys heres what going on right now
i start the computer, first thing it does is give me the error message saying bad bios, starting recovery, then it starts checking for a cd or floppy
now i dont have the cd or floppy cause the computer is like 4 years old
so i looked at that solution posted uptop since that is the only thing i can do at the moment. i downloaded the bios file from hp, did what the gyu said but when i go to the temporary folder to open up the directory, it asks me to select a program to open it with, so thats where im stuck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 01 Jan 2008

1. Restart the PC and enter the BIOS screen by pressing the F1 or F10 key at the first screen.
2. Press the F5 key to load the default BIOS configuration.
3. Select YES by using the arrow keys, and then press Enter .
4. Press the F10 key to save the settings and exit.
5. Select YES by using the arrow keys, and then press Enter.

What file did you download from HP?

  Diemmess 18:30 01 Jan 2008

If you can get as far as the BIOS (keep jabbing F2 or Delete from switch on). (F2 was used by some HP computers)
If you can see a fairly primitive screen this is the BIOS.

The mouse won't be working, but you can follow the prompts with arrows and PgUp/PgDown.

Look for Restore factory settings or words to that effect, and accept that. Then F10 as the prompts will show, to save the change and reboot.

With a little luck the computer will now behave, though you may have lost the HP splash screen.

If there is still no joy....

Was the original OS Win98 or ME?

If so you can download (Startup W98)a startup collection of files to a CD or floppy and copy this HPBIOS.ROM file to it.

Boot using this disk (with BIOS checked to make the floppy or CD the First Boot Device).

Then with luck the missing HP file will be available when the computer calls for it.

  DieSse 21:17 01 Jan 2008

Simply copy the HPBIOS.ROM file to a floppy - then when the recovery program asks for the file, point the recovery program to where it is.

You don't have to open the file, or do anything with it - simply make it available when it's asked for.

  Technoob 04:14 02 Jan 2008

Fruitbat and Dimmess
I cant even get to the BIOS at alll, i mean i dont even have an option of pressing any F related keys cause the first thing that happens is, Bad BIOS error and then it starts to search the cd or floppy for the file

Fruitbat, i downloaded a file called sp26381.exe so that brings me to Diesse's comment. Since now i have the BIOS file, what do i do with it? I mean i tried what was mentioned earlier in one of the posts that i should try running it, then go to my temporary files, look for the latest created file which is something along the lines of abcd.tmp But thats where i get stuck cause the post mentions its a directory but its not. I dont know where to get the exact specific file called hpbios.rom from

  octal 08:49 02 Jan 2008

I have been having a look around the net and came across this click here which is Phoenix BIOS recovery, I wonder if there is any useful information in there?

  DieSse 10:12 02 Jan 2008

You don't have to "get to the BIOS - put a floppy with the downloaded bios file into the system, so that

"and then it starts to search the cd or floppy for the file"

it can read it.

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