BIOS frequencies all to pot

  El Cavaliero! 23:48 02 Apr 2004

Hope somneone out there can help :
Control panel tells me I'm running an Athlon 1.35Ghz processor whereas I know it's 2.2 Ghz. I realise that this processor actually operates at around 1.8 Ghz and therefore have deduced that my BIOS settings are all to pot. All settings at "safety default" or whatever it is called after my last adjustments left me with a blank screen and beep codes!!(hence clearing the BIOS and taking "at least it will fire up" settings for now. machine spec is 2.2Athlon, windows XP pro & 512meg PC3200 400Hhz memory on a "Mercury" motherboard.
Current motherboard settings are as follows:
FSB Freq : 100Mhz
DRAM Freq : 100Mhz
DRAM Clock : 100Mhz
DRAM Timing : [Auto by SPD](Other options being manual, turbo & ultra)

Under "frequency and voltage control" part of BIOS it is reading :
Auto detect DIMM/PCI Clk [Enabled]
Spread Spectrum [Enabled]
CPU Clock [100]

I don't want to overclock or anything, just run the damn thing the way it's designed to!!!!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance

  Giggle n' Bits 00:04 03 Apr 2004

You say Athlon which I think you have a Athlon XP model so are you saying you have a Athlon 2200XP which is running at a 1.8GHz (Which is normal)

Is you Motherbaord new or have you upgraded the processor ?

Do you have the Option for Auto for the CPU setting in BIOS if yes use that is best bet. If you do not then set it at Manual so the CPU if a XP2000 (1.8GHz) should be set at 1800 for the CPU.

I am a bit cautious on giving you this advice as I prefer to know if this is a old or new M/baord and don't want the responsibilty to fry any chips.

  Indigo 1 00:10 03 Apr 2004

Kinloss is right, Athlon measure their speed different to Intel so an Athlon 2200XP is equal to an Intel Petium 4 running at 2200 Mhz even though the Athlon is set up at 1800 Mhz.

hope that makes sense to you.

  Indigo 1 00:14 03 Apr 2004

click here(1224)

It would be useful if you knew which flavour of 2200XP you had, download Aida32 from click here and run the CPU ID scan then compare it to the chart.

  El Cavaliero! 00:15 03 Apr 2004

Hi Kinloss

Built the machine myself from new components less than a year ago. Yes it is an XP2200 Athlon (think they SHOULD (?) run at 1.83Ghz) but as i say System Properties tells me it's only running at 1.35Ghz.

Something's just not right

  Indigo 1 00:15 03 Apr 2004

sorry that link is not complete,

click the link then add (1224) to the end of the url in address bar and click GO.

  El Cavaliero! 00:30 03 Apr 2004

indigo 1 : downloaded aida 32 as suggested: can't see a chart but it tells me it's a Thoroughbred B with 256KB cache and "stepping BO" (whatever that might be!)

  fsbb 10:08 03 Apr 2004

I recently upgraded to XP 2200+.

Athlon XP 2200+ runs at 1800. FSB is 266. Set your mobo FSB jumper to 266 and BIOS CPU frequency to auto - this auto setting should detect the CPU and set itself to 133 (133x2=266), if it doesn't, set the BIOS to manual and manually select 133.

MOBO FSB setting = 266
BIOS setting = 133

CPU will then be correctly recognised as Athlon XP 2200+ running at 1800.

  Indigo 1 11:39 03 Apr 2004

Check if this works click here(1224)

  Indigo 1 11:44 03 Apr 2004

No it's still doing it.

Just click the link and it will open a new browser with a "Bad Input.." message, then in the address bar manually add (1224) (at the end of the address that is shown) include the brackets and click go.

Hope it works this time.

  fuzzyone 11:59 03 Apr 2004

El Cavaliero!,

as has been said above set your fsb to 266, (or 133 if bios settings insist) and set the multiplier to 13.5

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