BIOS flashed - now problem booting unless reset !!

  Heefie 20:47 12 Mar 2004

This is driving me mad ... W2K will not recognise my 160Gb drive (it will only recognise it as 127Gb which I have now found out may be a Windows restriction anyway !!) so I asked Chaintech for a BIOS upgrade, which they duly sent.
I flashed it succesfully but then on re-boot the screen constantly flashed and took about 20 minutes to get into Windows !!! I cleaned and re-sat all my cards and RAM and retried and it worked fine, but when I formatted my 80Gb drive to copy the new drive's data onto so I could re-format it as 4x40Gb drives it wouldn't recognise it at all !!! Then it wouldn't re-boot at all !!! I cleared the BIOS & re-loaded defaults & it booted fine, so I checked the Chaintech site and they may have sent me the wrong BIOS, I've now downloaded another version and it seems slightly better ... BUT, I can't re-boot, I just get a black screen & have to re-set the BIOS to default again and it boots fine ... even if I don't change anything (the 2nd HD is currently unconnected)!!!
Windows, once up & running is fine, but I need to reset my date and time and re-boot !!!!!

  ©®@$? 21:12 12 Mar 2004

sorry to hear that, get chaintech to sort you out a new motherboard as they sent you the wrong bios

  Heefie 21:30 12 Mar 2004

Well it's not dead, but it's weird ... I rebooted, having made NO changes to the BIOS and it worked fine, so I did it again ... always one to be double sure <g> !!! Again, it booted fine, so I changed the date and time, re-booted and it was OK, so I rebooted and again it was OK ... I thought I'd cracked it !!!

I had my 3 year old asleep on my lap, so I know I didn't change anything, so I thought I'd reboot & see about going into the BIOS and changing something, but I missed the DEL key <doh !> and it refused to boot again !!! CTRL-ALT-DEL did nothing, so I pressed the reset button & it rebooted back to a black screen ... pressed the reset button again and it booted fine ... though it did take an age to open my dialer window once into Win2k !!!!!!!

This is daft, I want to get the HDs sorted out
but I need the bloody thing to be stable first !!!

  Heefie 21:19 14 Mar 2004

OK, I'm closing this, though unresolved, as it's booting normally MOST times ... there is obviously a problem but this I can live with ... for now !!

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