STRETFORDEND08 11:31 26 Dec 2009

Hi all,
I have just reinstalled XP on an Acer Aspire 1640z laptop, downloaded the drivers from Acer and all was well... I then foolishly decided to flash the bios from the acer website, rebooted and now the laptop will not boot up - No display, just a loud as hell beep, then nothing.
How can I revert back to the old BIOS without any display on the screen?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 26 Dec 2009
  birdface 11:49 26 Dec 2009

Sorry not clued up on this but I have read when flashing the Bios it can damage the motherboard.
How about safe mode.Or system repair.Or trying a fresh install again.
I am sure someone will come up with a solution for you if you wait a bit longer.

  STRETFORDEND08 13:06 26 Dec 2009

Fruitbat - theres no help offered in that link

buteman - you cant enter safe mode etc as there is no display.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 26 Dec 2009

19 and 20

You are giong to have to try and reflash blindly.

but before that try disconnecting the CMOS battery for awhile (10 minutes minimum) or use the BIOS clear jumper if you can get at it.

  chub_tor 13:20 26 Dec 2009

Most times when you are flashing a BIOS you are asked if you want to make a back-up of the original or this happens automatically. Try using Google to find out where this file might be located on your machine and then how to use it to flash back to that.

  STRETFORDEND08 13:29 26 Dec 2009

fruit bat it says flash using floppy, but i dont have a floppy drive.
i will try disconnecting cmos battery for a while.

chub_tor i did make a backup so ill take your advice also, many thanks

  PP321 13:36 26 Dec 2009

If the system is not booting then there is going to be nothing you can do, short of changing the BIOS chip, the BIOS decides how the system boots, id that data is corrup or missing, there is nothing you can do except take it/ ship it to a specialist repairer.

  Quiller. 16:13 26 Dec 2009

website, there is no upgrade flash for the bios on the 1640z. It also looks as this model does not contain a duel bios chip, fall back in case of a bad flash.

If you are getting no POST after refitting the battery. Take out the laptops main battery and disconnect the power supply. Press the start button for 30 seconds and reatach the power suppy and try.

Though I think you have damaged the bios chip and may reqire a new one to be fitted.

  STRETFORDEND08 11:38 28 Dec 2009

disconnecting the cmos battery and main battery hasnt worked

i will try your suggestion regarding the power button Dick Tator

the bios flash is on the acer website, at the bottom of the xp drivers list


  howard64 11:46 28 Dec 2009

remove power lead - remove battery - remove cmos battery and leave everything disconnected for at least 15 minutes - then try again.

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