the-george 15:40 09 Oct 2005

I am playing around with an old pc and want to upgrade the bios in order to fit a larger hard drive which contains info I want to rescue.
I have downloaded the award flash utility and the appropriate driver from>What do I need to do next please!

  howard63 15:45 09 Oct 2005

you make up a bootable floppy from the flash utility and then boot from it.

  DieSse 16:03 09 Oct 2005

"...award flash utility and the appropriate driver..."

A BIOS upgrade is not a *driver*. Please be ultra sure that a BIOS flash that is not from the motherboard manufacturers site is the appropriate one. A wrong flash will render your motherboard for ever unuseable.

Many motherboards don't have a BIOS upgrade to fix drive capacity problems.

You may be able to load a fix for this from the hard drive manufacturers site, which *fools* the BIOS. The advantage is that it avoids the built-in danger of a BIOS flash.

  DieSse 16:06 09 Oct 2005

PS - of course you will have to use such a fix on a different drive, then fit your drive as a slave for the resue of data.

Bear in mind you can do this anyway if your current system is more up to date. Simply disconnect the optical drives - put your *old* drive onto the cable, and read the data from it.

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