bios up-date

  pc learner 15:32 06 Mar 2005

please help, im trying up-date my bios. i have down loaded the program. made a ms-dos startup disk and saved file to that. rebooted with the disk in floppy and enter file name at prompt but all i get it this "THIS PROGRAM CANT BE RUN IN DOS MODE

  Belatucadrus 15:37 06 Mar 2005

I think more info is required, ie What motherboard, What BIOS and perhaps Why ? BIOS updates have an element of risk and probably best avoided unless you need something specific.

  pc learner 15:42 06 Mar 2005

I have a dell gx200 and i down loaded the bios up date from dell's web site require the up-date to install aome new memory as at present only have 128mb

  pc learner 15:44 06 Mar 2005

bios down loaded was BGX20005.exe

  handful 16:32 06 Mar 2005

You need to download a programme called aflash which actually replaces the old bios with new but as Belatucadrus says, this can be a disaster if it goes wrong and should only be done if it is required to correct a known problem. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Having said that, I cured a long standing problem of crashing by doing just this but for me the risk was worth it. If you decide to 'go for it' just be sure you use the aflash facility to do a back up before flashing. Also, get the aflash from the mb manufacturer's site as I beleive he programme is different for different makes. Good luck

  jakimo 17:21 06 Mar 2005

dell very often produce there own bios,regardless to what mobo manufactured board is installed,I would advise a dell forum woud be the best place for an answer as their installation instructions vary from standard methods of procedure

  LastChip 17:23 06 Mar 2005
  Belatucadrus 19:06 06 Mar 2005
  pc learner 21:16 06 Mar 2005

thanks all flashed bios and have new memory installed all working fine

  pc learner 21:17 06 Mar 2005

thanks all flashed bios and have new memory installed all working fine

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