Bios CPU Temp differs from PC World 2004 ehh ???

  Craigmave 22:14 02 Apr 2004

Hi there, in the BIOS i have a CPU temp of 60 oC but in PC World 2004 prog i have a CPU temp of 33 oC


I have AMD Athlon 2600+ -- Zalman Flower Cooler.

IS this too high cause my games keep crashing...

  Diodorus Siculus 22:16 02 Apr 2004

I would belive the BIOS reading rather than a third party... but I don't know why your games crash though.

  woodchip 22:16 02 Apr 2004

Yes the BIOS is correct

  Craigmave 22:18 02 Apr 2004

i have all the latest Graphics Drivers, latest direct X, 1 gb mem, they just crash. I thought that the CPU might be too hot, causeing the system to shutdown...

  woodchip 22:21 02 Apr 2004

It may be Games are CPU intensive, that’s the first things to put right if it’s at 60c. Try running comp with the side removed. then check temp

  Diodorus Siculus 22:22 02 Apr 2004

Can you give a full description of the problems you experience? That way, someone may be able to help.

  Craigmave 22:27 02 Apr 2004

Ok, here is my spec first :

AMD Athlon XP2600
2 x 512mb Crucial Mem
60 and 80 gb HDD
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128 mb
Zalman Flower Cooler 80mm Fan
1 Side Fan
1 Rear Fan
A7N8X 2.0 Mother Board

I start a game up and get about five - ten minutes in to it and then the screen freezes, sometimes the pc just restarts. I get a really strange noise in the speakers and i have to press the restart button.

I have tried disabeling norton and firewalls.

Thanks for any advice...

  Craigmave 22:31 02 Apr 2004

does it matter that i have DDR1 empty but have 2 sticks of mem in DDR2 and DDR3

  woodchip 22:35 02 Apr 2004

Try them in 1 and 2 you can alway's put them back

  Forum Editor 22:45 02 Apr 2004

isn't such a good idea - it will actually tend to decrease the air-flow across the internal components, which isn't what you want at all. Let the fans do their job, and keep the case closed, this will ensure that a supply of air is drawn across the inside of the case and exhausted via the fan vents.

This strange noise from the speakers - what's it like?

The BIOS temperature reading may not be correct - some motherboards are prone to falsely report temperatures (Gigabyte boards have been known to do it), so that's one possibility.

Assuming that the CPU is overheating under load there are a couple of other potential causes. One is that the recess in the heatsink isn't centred precisely over the raised area on the CPU, or that you haven't applied the thermal paste correctly.

Some people have reversed the spring-clip on the heatsink (in order to make it easier to access) with disastrous results - it moves the pressure point on the CPU.

  Craigmave 23:09 02 Apr 2004

The sound is just a continuous noise from the game. Its just one tone and it just repeats until the reset button is pressed. I will try and get some thermal paste from somewhere and remove the old stuff. This is really anoying as it happened to me before but i fixed the problem by changeing the PSU from 300w to 500w and it did the trick. This all started happening after i changed my case to a Zorro Black case... I wonder if that is the problem...

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