kalstras 15:23 25 Jun 2010

I am trying to configure my computer to accept a GPU 5750 512MB Radeon ATI card. I have updated the bios which is new at 2007. I cannot for the life of me, get anyything to show up on my screen as it doesnt seem to offer power to my monitor, yet all the power is there as my old card works (Also ATI) in the PCI-E slot.

WinVista Home Prem 32bit
P5LP-LE (called LEONITE by HP/Compaq)
Core2Duo 2.4
HP desktop

  chub_tor 16:11 25 Jun 2010

I don't own a 5750 but a quick look at the online manual shows that it needs power supplied to a connector on the graphics card itself. Have you installed that?

  kalstras 16:35 25 Jun 2010

hi and thanks, yeah, I upgraded the Power from my stock 300 to a very shiny new 650w PSU with attached 75w 6pin connectors :D

  kalstras 16:59 25 Jun 2010

oh and my mistake I looked at the PSU box, it's a 750w click here

  gengiscant 18:20 25 Jun 2010

I know these may seem a daft few questions but why did you update the bios?where you having problems?or did the bios upgrade install better functionality?
It might well be a problem with your bios. Does your old card still work?

  kalstras 19:39 25 Jun 2010

Hi, and yes thanks my old card (ATI Radeon x1650SE) works but is slow on my games/graphic needs so I upgraded card, and the first thing that the techy said was to upgrade my BIOS. then reset the CMOS. The BIOS was dated April 11,2007 and the new one was only Oct. 30, 2007 so no real changes there. Are you thinking the new BIOS won't handle the card?

My issue here is that my new card won't work, the first card was a 1GB card the 5770, and I thought the first card was faulty so I had it replaced, now I was told my computer won't take the 1GB so I downgraded to the 5750 512MB card, yet I still have the same problem, and here we are.

thank you all for looking into this, it's beyond me.

  kalstras 19:44 25 Jun 2010

here is one of the threads from the beginning...

click here

  kalstras 00:01 26 Jun 2010

no one it seems, can help, it is beyond technology to allow a plug and play graphics card into a computer that is 3 years old.

I am not surprised, yet remain unhappy that computers are another throw away item of todays culture of waste.

sorry for the cynicism, but I have really tried to upgrade my system and asked what seems everyone, and all avenues, yet I sit here with a £100 paperwieght.


  ICF 06:35 26 Jun 2010

Looking at the HP website.The bios you have loaded is the wrong date.What version have you got loaded? The website shows 2008-05-06 , Version:5.23, 1.54M

  ICF 06:40 26 Jun 2010

After loading the NEW BIOS have you taken out the new graphics card and installed the old card to see if that still works?

  gengiscant 08:20 26 Jun 2010

'no one it seems can help'
Oh dear, we seem to be feeling very sorry for ourself.

You have hardly given anyone here the chance to see if we can help, yet you were quite happy to do what the 'techie' told you and flash the bios, a move that can cause all sorts of problems, and shouldn't be taken on lightly. I have never heard of flashing the bios just to upgrade a graphics card, that is not to say it may not be necessary.
This is your board?click here
Your new card looks like it is supported even without the bios update. You have more than enough power, I am running two 5770's cards on 550watts, they are not particularly power hungry.So either the card is faulty or the motherboard is. AS 'ICF' mentioned, the bios update you have installed does not seem to match this, click here if you scroll down to the bios heading your date is different.
Could you post a link to where you downloaded your bios?

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