bios checksum error

  samm 17:08 07 Dec 2003

does anyone know what this means turned pon computer beeps says bios checksum error
c/drive /cdrom/mouse not present all are connected to the computer put in startup disk
it says loaded diagnostic tools to c
but wont do anything else

m/b mercury kob kt400 fdsx
graphic card geforce4 mx440 8x
1g ddr memory

any ideas

  Gongoozler 17:21 07 Dec 2003

If the BIOS reports a checksum error, I think it has somehow got corrupted. Try resetting the CMOS by the link on the motherboard, or by removing the battery for a few seconds before switching the computer on.

  Gongoozler 17:26 07 Dec 2003

I should have added that if resetting the CMOS doesn't work, then the BIOS chip has probably been corrupted, then you will have to replace the chip or even the motherboard.

  961 18:21 07 Dec 2003

Try going into BIOS settings (usually press delete when switching on) and change settings to load default startup. Ensure date and time are correct

  ©®@$? 18:35 07 Dec 2003

i'm working on a computer at the moment with this error

it is not the same as the cmos error, where incorrect bios settings halt the system

this bios checksum error is more serious, you cannot enter the bios .clearing the cmos doesn't work but its worth a try.

this error has been summed up by Gongoozler but i'll and a little further info

if inside the pc is dusty it maybe that the dust has settled on the contacts on the bios chip which causes it to short thats if your lucky.but as Gongoozler has said it maybe the chip that has failed.i cannot even get to flash the bios as the system is halted with checksum either replacing the motherboard or bios chip seems to be the only solution, it would be cheaper to get a new motherborad, but i am in luck as a friend has a bios chip for this motherboard so i will replace that.

  Gongoozler 21:02 07 Dec 2003

I have read that if all else fails, and you have a secon and compatible motherboard, you just may be able to recover a corrupted BIOS chip by hot swapping. The author made it clear that anyone who tries this does so at his own risk! What you must do is put the good BIOS chip into the board that had the failed one, boot up and make sure that the BIOS is cached. Then with that board working and still running, you remove the good BIOS chip and replace it with the corrupted one. Now with that motherboard working, you can flash the corrupted chip. If you are lucky you have 2 good motherboards. If you are unlucky you have 2 duds.

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