BIOS Changed after using a Linuxc Live DVD

  sydsnott 16:27 02 Oct 2014

Had problems getting it to load and when re-booted into Windows, there was a message something like Settings lost pressF10 to load defaults.

OK, Windows now starts...a bit slower than before and I had to re-organise the boot order, but one of the boot screens is now different and I don't know what the implications are. Worse, I can't recall what the screen used to say...just that it was different!

I have the POST screens surpressed, so they don't appear, just the proprietery splash screens burned in by the likes of ASUS and INTEL.

One of these is the problem:

It now says:-

"Marvell 88SE61xx Adapter - BIOS Version 1.1.0.L70d"

"Adapter 1"

"Disks Information:"

"Port: Disk Name: Size: Speed"

(The above 4 items are spread across the page but I can't replicate that!)



(Again, the above are spaced under the 4 headings!)

This screen info never used to list the two optical disks, I don't know what was there, but there were two items (two lines of text) and at the end of each line was "Port 0"

I have no idea what has changed, but would be grateful for any help in returning things to the way they were!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 02 Oct 2014

Settings lost press F10 to load defaults.

this is why you ave the new BIOS screens showing

Normally the only way to lose BIOS settings is because the CMOS battery has gone flat - nothing to do with Linux.

Change to battery and rest the BIOS to first boot from DVD second from HDD and enable quick boot if possible

  sydsnott 18:43 02 Oct 2014

Hi Fruit Bat, As explained, already re-set to defaults and Boot order re-jigged to previous. The CMOS Battery is fine I think, the clock is spot on and doesn't ever lose time.

I'm convinced the Live DVD is the culprit as the Linux OS boot screen shows "Loading Linux in 10. 9. 8...seconds eventually getting to Zero,...then starting again from 10!

Pressing "Enter" just re-started the count. I did a hard shut down and rebooted and it loaded but then crashed ten minutes in. That's the point at which I was told the BIOS Settings had been lost.

I was hoping someone might know what setting had caused the variance I have described in my first post.

  sydsnott 10:58 03 Oct 2014

Thanks beeuuem, I'm a bit like "bloodforthebaron" in that I know little about the BIOS, never had the cojones to "experiment and explore" in there! My MB is an Asus P5Q3 Deluxe-WIFI-AP iP45 Socket 775 Motherboard which seems to be remarkably similar!

Booted ...eventually today so I won't push my luck by messing about with it just now; I will try it later if I get time (business visit) otherwise will post back on my return. Thanks also for finding that forum for me, it looks interesting.

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