BIOS - can't change boot order.

  bridge+ 13:00 01 Feb 2008

Recently, my BIOS has started to display ' view only item '; this means I can't change my boot order and few other things as well. Has any one seen this problem before ?
I would appreciate some help.

Many thanks, Colin

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 01 Feb 2008

Seen it for audio and graphics cards usual trick is to disable in device manager first before trying to change in BIOS.

Never seen it for boot order though.

  Press Man 13:42 01 Feb 2008

Is the bios password protected?

  bridge+ 19:29 01 Feb 2008

Hi Pressman, hi Fruitbat,

Many thanks for your comments.

The BIOS is not protected and device manager does not offer a solution !

Still a mystery.

  Press Man 15:29 02 Feb 2008

You could try the following, but first have a read of your motherboard manual or on its web site to confirm if there are "jumpers" to move or just to remove the battery.
Remove the Bios/Cmos battery for a couple of minutes and then replace it. This should clear and reset the bios. Remember check first act later.

  bridge+ 10:23 03 Feb 2008

Hi Press Man,

Many thanks for you help; I removed the battery for 5 minutes and all is OK now !


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