Bios bootup option - from LAN

  cyberpharmacist 13:55 01 Jul 2003

Hi All,

do you know how does this work?


  DieSse 15:32 01 Jul 2003

When this is enabled, if the system is talked to by another system on the LAN, it will switch on, boot up, and (eventually) respond.

It means for instance, that a system can be switched on for access, without someone actually having to physically go to it.

  DieSse 15:49 01 Jul 2003

Yes I know that's so, but the way it's phrased leads one to think, as it's a BIOS option, he means wake up from LAN.

Anyway, both should now be clearer, I hope. Shows the importance of making ones question clear in the first place.

  DieSse 16:28 01 Jul 2003

OK - I give in ;-))

  cyberpharmacist 00:37 02 Jul 2003

thanks for the replies,but how can you utilise this function? the reason being I have bought a notebook without any bootable devices, and in a previous occasion, the OS died, I have no choice but to bring it back to the repair center where they have a bootable usb floppy drive. But for this purpose to buy a floppy drive (which i can't think of another reason that i want a floppy) is a waste of money, and I don't have the time to get a cd-rom, which again, have to be from Sharp as this is the only few that can be used as a bootable USB cd-rom.

does anyone has any experience in using LAN boot?

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