Bios Boot Priority.

  ribo 10:03 18 Jan 2008

I am running XP HomeSP2.
I have three internal drives. All Sata)
When looking at the Bios Boot Sequence .
I see the following:-

4.[1st Floppy Drive]

I assume that no 5 is my C\: drive.
2 and 3 are my two optical drives and
4 is my A drive.
Can anyone tell me what No 1 is and also why the other two internal drives are not in the list.

I do not have a problem and everything is working fine. I am just interested. Thanks you J

  paul€ 10:10 18 Jan 2008

The first one is an IDE cdrom drive. The older style of drive before SATA.

The bios probably just shows the first five to save on space. If you have no floppy drive in your system and you delete it in the bios, one of your other SATA drives should move into the list.

  ribo 10:21 18 Jan 2008

Thank you very much for your reply.
I only have two IDE optical drives and I thought these were shown as Nos 2 and 3. That is why I can not understand what no 1 is.
Can you shed any further light on the matter.
I have a floppy drive. Thanks again J

  paul€ 11:04 18 Jan 2008

Go into the bios an disable that first one, or move it off the page so one of your other SATA drives show.

Restart the computer and check that both optical drives are working.

  paul€ 11:05 18 Jan 2008

Do you know the make and model of the motherboard?

  ribo 11:45 18 Jan 2008

My MoBo is an Asus P5K SE.
I do appreciate your help,but I am a bit worried about deleting the first entry as you suggest.
If I need it,how will I get it back? I feel it must be there for a purpose.
As I said everything is working ok and I do not have a problem. It is just me being curious.and wanting to find out more. Thanks J

  SANTOS7 12:14 18 Jan 2008

i think its showing because its the interface that supports the two physical drives..

ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface, an extension to EIDE, also called ATA-2) is an interface between your computer and attached CD-ROM drives and tape backup drives. Most of today's PC computers use the standard Integrated Drive Electronics (Integrated Drive Electronics) interface to address hard disk drives. ATAPI provides the additional commands needed for controlling a CD-ROM players or tape drives so that your computer can use the IDE interface and controllers to control these relatively newer device types.

  ribo 14:17 18 Jan 2008

Thank you for your help. That explanation is a bit complicated,but I think I inderstand.
The plot thickens, I have been looking at mu MoBo User Guide and it statedsin there under Boot Devices:-
" A device enclosed in parenthesis has been disabled in the corresponding Menu" They are all in parenthesis!!.
Now I am totally confused but as I sais I have not got a problem. Thanks J

  SANTOS7 14:21 18 Jan 2008

A device enclosed in parenthesis, sounds mighty painful to me...

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