bios beeps at start-up

  NOVICE ENABLED 11:28 12 May 2006

On start up my PC will cut-out just as my desktop appears & I get this long continuous beeping sound. The only way to stop it is to switch off at the mains. Other times it will start up no problem. If I simply open and close the base unit it sometimes boots OK. I have Phoenix award bios. I've found beep codes from award bios and phoenix bios click here
But which of the two should I be looking at?

If memory isn't seated properly, where should I be looking for memory? Motherboard is nvidia.

Thanks in advance.

480 MB RAM

  johndrew 11:44 12 May 2006

Depending on exactly which motherboard you have (nvidia is the chipset) the memory is generally at the top right of the motherboard as you look at it on opening the case. To confirm both your motherboard identity (something like Asus A8N SLI Deluxe) and memory location check the motherboard manual which should have come with the computer.

If it is of help, all the information I have indicates it is a memory fault.

Motherboard info: click here click here

  Stuartli 12:25 12 May 2006

Look up the Bios beeps code at:

click here

  NOVICE ENABLED 12:33 12 May 2006

Can you show me the memory location from this blurred pic? <img src="click here" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

I didn't get a motherboard manual with the PC.

  Rich Pickings 12:38 12 May 2006

The memory os in two banks at the top left of your picture, just above the fan thing with the wire crossing the first bank. Make sure you have earthed yourself before touching anything. Remove the memory sticks by pressing down on the white clippy things and reseat each stick by pressing down on it firmly. It will only go in one way round so make sure the notch in the stick lines up with the socket.

  ed-0 12:39 12 May 2006

Your memory is in the three sockets here click here

The little white tags bend outwards, so you can remove the memory.

To reseat the memory just pull the tags back and press the memory in. The tags will shut ( lock ) when you have it seated properley.

  NOVICE ENABLED 18:49 12 May 2006

Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic test for about 1 hour and it failed every time on 'stride6'. Everything else 'succeeded'. Do I want new memory sticks, new motherboard? Any help/advice appreciated.

  ed-0 18:53 12 May 2006

The photo is fairly poor, about my standard :-(

it looks as if you have 3 memory modules on the motherboard. Try it with 1 stick at a time. Use the first memory slot, the one nearest the large cpu fan.

  NOVICE ENABLED 20:11 12 May 2006

Both sticks work in one slot only, the slot furthest from the fan; which is green, the other two are blue.
So I now only have 256MB memory. Is there a 512MB stick I could use in the only working slot I have? Do I need a certain type?

  NOVICE ENABLED 20:20 12 May 2006

Found one. Thanks for all your help.

click here

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