Desperate-Dan 11:40 21 Sep 2007

Hi, I went into the bios and set the speed of cpu fan to Ignored because I wanted to use the fan contoller that came with cpu cooler, everything works ok , But I noticed when I pressed f 10 to save and exit I got another box come up saying ok or cancel I coulden't see any thing on the keyboard with ok so Im pressed the enter key was that the right thing to do? I'm novice so I would a appreciate your help, one more thing please, the front panel audio connector, I have the AC' 97 plug to the mobo I just read the manual again and it says we recommend that you connect the HD Audio module to this connector, by module does that mean a plug?

  Gongoozler 16:17 22 Sep 2007

Hi Desperate-Dan. I don't know the answer to your speed question. The BIOS settings depend on the motherboard make and model. If you go back into the BIOS setup you should be able to tell if the changes you made were stored.

Similarly the audio connections will depend on the motherboard make and model, but as far as I have been able to determine the "HD Audio module" refers to a "High Definition" audio module that might be integrated into the motherboard, or might be a plug-in module. Let us know the motherboard make and model and we might be able to give more help.

  umbongo(uk) 23:23 22 Sep 2007

about the bios you use the arrow keys to pick your desired choice then press enter to confirm it

if you look in the manual you will see a scematic of the board layout this will list all the connectors on the board with numbers, then another page will tell you more indepth about the certain connector.
as you usualy use the internal ac 97 audio pins for front ports like mic and headphones
also if your board has it will be spdif and other sound related plug ins

ac97 is usually onboard sound with hd intergrated
as in realtek hd audio

like gong says tell us the make of motherboard and more help is on hand

  Desperate-Dan 10:25 23 Sep 2007

sorry I forgot to say what mobo, the mobo is a Asuss M2V-MX from the front panel I have two modules one with AC'97 on the side and the other with HDS. this is what the mobo says

Front panel audio connector (10-1 pin AAFP)

this connector is a chassis-mounted front panel audio 1/0 module that supports the AC'97 audio standard. Connect one end of the front audio 1/0 module to this connector.

then it shows a diagram of the mobo with front panel audio connector

We recommend that you connect a high-definition front panel audio module to this connector to avail of the motherboard's high-definition audio capability.

By default, this connector is set to HD Audio. if you want to connect a AC'97 front panel audio module to this connector, set the front panel support type item in the bios setup to [AC97].

Reading that again I assume it means use the HD audio module,

  Gongoozler 16:21 23 Sep 2007

HD audio is an improvement over AC'97 click here

  Desperate-Dan 17:17 23 Sep 2007

Thanks for the help, much appreciated Dan.

  Mekratrig 03:13 03 Oct 2007

I'd like to jump into this conversation if I may. I, too, have an Asus M2V-MX mobo. All 3 of the sound jacks on the back panel are being used to drive a Logitech 5.1 speaker system, but now I am trying to get into some video processing, transferring the contents of old VHS tapes to DVD.

This presents a problem, since there's no way at present for me to input the component sound from the VCR into my system (the component video signal will feed into a video capture card). I noted in the mobo user guide the capability of hooking up an Azalia AAFP module, and my questions are:

1) Will such a front panel module allow me to input sound from a VCR?

2) If above is true, where can I purchase such a module? I don't recall seeing any in stores.

I realize I could bypass the onboard audio and put in a separate sound card, but that will take up my sole remaining PCI slot (I wish Asus had made this board a little longer and provided a couple more slots!), and I don't know offhand if a sound card will give me more inputs than the motherboard does.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  Chrisbe 13:16 24 Oct 2007

I am also looking for a module for my PC. Anyone know where I can find one?

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