kenamb 16:44 18 Dec 2004

im trying to upgrade my bios as i have bought a new processor. I have downloaded the new bios to floppy but the computer wont start with floppy in.
Any ideas ,
happy xmas
xp pro
2ghs pro amd
soltec mboard

  Graham ® 16:48 18 Dec 2004

Be very careful, this is very risky! If you don't know what you're doing, stop right now!

Wait for advice!

  mrdsgs 16:50 18 Dec 2004

you will need to create a boot floppy first and then put bios update files onto it or a second floppy. pc cannot boot froma disk with just bios update file on it. you will also need a bios update utility such as awflash. usually avilable from where you got the bios update from


  Diodorus Siculus 16:51 18 Dec 2004

You need a bootable floppy, such as one from

Then when started, follow your instructions for the BIOS Flash.

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