wizkidwall_03 13:18 22 Oct 2003

i have an exraordinary bios wenever i plug in my keyboard i boot straight into the bios if the keyboard is not connected then the computer boots straight away into windows

  graham√ 13:25 22 Oct 2003

Is the F1 key stuck?

  wizkidwall_03 13:50 22 Oct 2003

no sorry

  PA28 14:06 22 Oct 2003

Try another keyboard. If it's a standard PS2 then remember this is not hot-plugable - you can do damage by plugging this in if the power's on.

  wizkidwall_03 14:19 22 Oct 2003

no but the other keyboard worked the problem was the F1 and f2 keys were bridged by a piece of metal cheers for the help

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