ened 07:18 22 Dec 2009

I have just noticed that when I type something in my Address bar it comes up with a series of search results via

Is this likely to be an isp thing or have I picked up some unwanted software?

My isp is AOL and I typed in the word 'maplin'.

  Andsome 08:24 22 Dec 2009

It's general, and it's BING not BIND.

  rawprawn 08:25 22 Dec 2009

Oen Tools> Internet Options> Search Settings> and set Google or what you want as Default

  BRYNIT 08:33 22 Dec 2009 is a search engine. You may have installed it if you have installed MSN. I think its part of Microsoft. For information on Bing click here

  ened 14:18 22 Dec 2009

What you appear to be referring to merely changes the search engine in the box on the right of the toolbar.

I tried changing it and it made no difference to my getting Bing if I type a wrong address in the address bar.

I tried it with Google Chrome and (understandably) the results came up with Google.

So it would appear that I have inadvertently downloaded something that has let Bing in.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get rid of it.

  birdface 14:30 22 Dec 2009

Just click on the arrow. Manage search providers.Right click Bing and remove it.

  User-1229748 14:34 22 Dec 2009

did you remove bing from your search settings or just put google as default? could try removing it if you havn't already

  rawprawn 14:35 22 Dec 2009

Strange it changes both my search in the address bar, and the search engine in the box on the right of the toolbar to whichever I set as default.
Windows 7.

  User-1229748 14:35 22 Dec 2009

sorry didn't see butemans reply :o)

  Woolwell 14:36 22 Dec 2009

You may not have downloaded anything. IE should use your default search engine in the address bar. If that is not working then I suggest that you try turning the search off and back on again or a reboot see click here

  Woolwell 14:37 22 Dec 2009

That is how it should work.

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