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  misters 20:03 11 Jun 2006

Hi i have dloaded a movie from the internet and its in bin/cue files i tried extracting the movie file from daemon in which i get a file called AVSEQ01 or something like that then i convert this file using vso then i use dvd shrink and dvd drcrypter to burn, after my dvd has been burnt and i play it back on my dvd player the sound is out by a couple of seconds, so i tried reburning the bin/cue files again with nero and the same thing happened, i would just like to point out that this just happens with bin/cue files as avi file work out ok.

Can someone help with an idiots guide on how to resolve this, very much appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

  misters 20:27 11 Jun 2006


  Joe R 20:50 11 Jun 2006

bin & cue files are just part of an ISO file.

If you are burning with Nero as an image file, I would say that the original ISO file must also have the sound delay also.

I am sure there is software which can correct this, but have no experience myself.

I am sure others on the forum may know an appliance which will correct this.

  BBez 00:18 12 Jun 2006

i uually get synch problems with convertX to DVD, especially if the original files audio is VBR (variable bitrate).

You should just burn the vcd image (bin/cue file) to a cdr and watch it in your player as a VCD.

  ashdav 00:44 12 Jun 2006

bin and cue files are VCD format and are meant to be burnt straight to CD. In Nero 6 burn as VCD and click on the cue file only. It will take care of itself.
If you want to extract the video as an AVI use Isobuster click here
The free version is enough for what you want to do.
click here
for guide how to use Isobuster

  misters 10:16 12 Jun 2006

I tried burning image onto a cd-r disk using nero 6, but i keep geeting the message insufficent space on the disk is there a way of putting it onto a dvd-r as it says wen i try wrong disk type.

  Josho™ 10:22 12 Jun 2006

You could try changing the format, when me and my bro make them, sometimes the sound is out, I change the format and it's fine.

  misters 12:44 12 Jun 2006

What do you mean change the format? Please remember an idiots guide.

  misters 20:55 12 Jun 2006

Thats great i'm begining to understand now its the cue file the smallest of the 2 to burn, in which i did using nero 6, what i would like to know now is, how do i reduce my writting speed i see the option in nero to do this but it just reads maximum, it doesn't give me the option to reduce the spped, does anyone have a clue?

  wbiggchiefy 21:03 12 Jun 2006

Nero should give you the option to reduce writing speed.
In order to burn these type of files to cd (as or kvcd) I learned to right click the cue file - open with Nero Burning Rom (file then loads etc.) then click on arrow which shows writing speed and select either 4X or 8X).

There is loads of info on KVCD forums such as

I used this when I got stuck and have v few probs with such files now

  misters 22:08 12 Jun 2006

Thanx wbiggchiefy i'll have a look.

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