Bin Laden virus

  Halmer 11:33 25 Jul 2004
  Bagsey 13:09 25 Jul 2004

Having read the piece in the Sunday papers about this thing I can't really think of a good reason to click here. Thanks all the same but i'll pass this time.

  bowl 21:14 25 Jul 2004

Even I wouldn't click here and I know nothing

  cga 21:18 25 Jul 2004

Mention of Virus & click here don't go together.

Hover the cursor on the link and it appears to point to the BBC news report but I think I will not bother.

  absent 21:19 25 Jul 2004

It is only a link to a BBC news item

  gudgulf 21:24 25 Jul 2004

Well I've clicked here and indeed was transported to that dodgiest of

So all of you who are too suspicious to click the link but really really want to--it is perfectly safe to do so ;o)))

  Gaz 25 21:27 25 Jul 2004

makes you wonder if it was Al Quada or whatever it is made this?

  mammak 21:37 25 Jul 2004

Gaz 25 you know that for sure?
Think i might go with cga on this one.

  gudgulf 21:51 25 Jul 2004

I repeat.....I have used this link,I have read the report contained within it.I have also read most of the associated links.The BBC website is my homepage!!!!!!!!

Halmer,if you are reading this I bet you didn't expect this sort of reaction :o(((

  end 22:02 25 Jul 2004

I wonder if people are "up -to-speed" on the suggestions around 911 ...I opened the "click -here" and must admit that what I read made sense to me..(maybe I am unique or something.....I followed the "intelligence reports"...I wonder they did not succeed with mroe chaos than already achieved, and there was a lot in the is very unwise to believe that people will not stoop to any level to " get their point across "...and a sobering thought that probably more is on the way ......)

  Gaz 25 22:04 25 Jul 2004

No worries!

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