.bin and GONE

  snowy30 00:15 17 Aug 2008

I decided to try AVG 8 some weeks ago after reinstalling Windows. Tonight (Saturday) a .bin file was missing, which was vital for its updating. Before uninstalling I restored the computer to an earlier date hoping it would repair and replace that missing file, of course it failed! This was when I went back to Avast! the anti-virus I had previously.

Has anyone had the same missing file problem?

  crosstrainer 00:43 17 Aug 2008

This seems to be a common problem with AVG8. Problems with the link scanner as well. Removing it is a bit of a pain also.

Revo will remove it, and many here seem to be using Avast instead.

I know free is nice, but you do (as I know I've said before) isn't alway's best. Many antivirus products on the market to choose from, but I do prefer to buy one.


click here

Use it to remove AVG, and then I guess make your choice :)

  snowy30 00:49 17 Aug 2008

Cheers, Crosstrainer

I did try to remove it.....

I can hear what you're saying, buying one will give you the guarantee of reliability and security. Are there any that doesn't require an annual fee like Norton?

  crazylady1 00:55 17 Aug 2008

I have the same problem with AVG version 8, it appeared tonight (Saturday). Have tried re-installing and repair option but neither works. Any ideas?

  crosstrainer 01:01 17 Aug 2008

Norton would not be my first choice, but to answer your question, no. The first year is alway's the most expensive, and it does depend on what you settle on.

After that year, subs. tend to fall. I'm trying to remember what I first paid for PC Tools spyware doctor (not antivirus, just anti spy / malware) but I think It was around the 25 quid mark.

Second year, that went down to £16, and 2 weeks ago the gave me the free antivirus bolt on, which I must admit is very, very good.

I have a 3 year deal with Panda platinum for my other 2 PC's and laptop, which cost me £36 and runs until 2009.

If you shop around (online, boxed versions are alway's more expensive) you can get deals....

A few to get you thinking:

click here

click here
click here

  ashdav 01:05 17 Aug 2008

stop over reacting !
AVG have made a mistake with their coding and it's all in hand click here=

  crosstrainer 01:08 17 Aug 2008

Same as my post before really, it does seem to be causing issues particularly with Vista. Latest round of updates has thrown it into a bit of a wobble.

  crosstrainer 01:15 17 Aug 2008

It may well be in hand, but free is, er free really. Not saying that these are bad product's just stating that choose a quality paid for item, and you will:

Have more support from the outset

More accurate and targeted definitions.

Nothing is foolproof of course, and from time to time things will slip through the best of defenses. Everyone can minimise the risks to themselves and others by regular scans, updates etc.

And never rely on one product...Augment with the likes of:

click here

click here

The links are free, and kept up to date and used on a regular basis, are excellent additions to anyone's protection.

  sinbads 09:15 17 Aug 2008

I'm with ashdav, just an overeaction and ofcourse the usual anti avg posters.

I see no reason why one should pay for protection when there are several free quality products that will do this for free.

I've used many of the free products IMO avg is the best, however there are many free programs you can choose from.

  Halmer 09:42 17 Aug 2008

But they'll sort it quickly.

Worry about more important things in life like Stoke City getting stuffed at Bolton yesterday.

Fantastic free product imho. Never let me down in years of surfing etc.

  interzone55 10:44 17 Aug 2008

The free version of AVG has exactly the same scanning engine as the paid for version, and the same updates.

This problem with the free version will be fixed the same time as the paid for software.

The only thing we're missing is the telephone support, and I've never had to use this anyway.

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