Josquius 15:29 05 Aug 2003

I've just downloaded a rar of a PSX game and it contains a .bin.
(note: Not pirating, the game in question is the US version of Suikoden 2. I own the UK version already however I wish to play the US version in order to load the saved game at the end into my import version of Suikoden 3)
Anyway how do you use a .bin, I'm assuming its some kinda burning programme? Which one?

  Bruce_Lee 15:41 05 Aug 2003

This is the only .bin format I know of,

Quoting the Sophos website:

"a file format called MacBinary, (.bin). MacBinary is used to copy Macintosh files over the internet and can be downloaded by Macintosh and non-Macintosh computers. However files can be extracted only on a Macintosh"

  Jester2K II 15:44 05 Aug 2003

Either Nero or EAsy CD can handle bin files.

Lokk for something like Burn Image From Hard Drive To CD, select the bin file and it'll unpack and can be burnt to CD

  DieSse 15:44 05 Aug 2003

.bin is quite a common format - most, if not all, BIOS flash files are in .bin files.. for example.

There is no special or standard way to use it - it depends on context. Only the instructions for what you are trying to do can tell you.

  Jester2K II 15:45 05 Aug 2003
  Josquius 21:36 05 Aug 2003

Make sure you select the .CUE -file, not the .BIN -file

that link is confusing I do not have a cue just a bin.

When I try and open and burn the bin file normally on nero it says something about the block size not corresponding.

  broggs 21:54 05 Aug 2003

use a program called winIso to open it.

  Josquius 18:29 06 Aug 2003

Any programmes that do the same thing but you don't have to pay for?
Winiso only converts 100mb max when free....

  broggs 19:18 06 Aug 2003

if you "buy" it, it works fine

  Josquius 19:32 15 Aug 2003

erm I'm not spending £60 on something I already own 99.9% of.

I converted to ISO and burned and it doesn't work. The iso doesn't work on a emulator either however the original bin does. All getting very complicated indeed....

  The Sack 19:35 15 Aug 2003

There should be other files as well as the binary file surely?

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