big virus problem i think

  perry.jacobs.716 11:52 15 Oct 2013

hi all,

I got a problem with my laptop that I can only assume is a virus or somesort of malware. Problems came when I tried downloaded java so something must of got in then as since then nothing has been right. On my login in page where I select my account and enter password to log in I cannot use any of the mouse click buttons on the touch pad, it only lets me use the keyboard. Then on my desktop if I use the touchpad to click on something it opens the context menu. I cannot put files onto my laptop from a usb device as it wont allow me to when I drag the items over. Someone suggested downloading malwarebytes which I tried but it will not let me download anything, its like the virus has blocked it.

I have run a kapersky scan and a microsoft security essentail scan and they have not cleared the problem. Also I have tried restoring to a date before the problem started but it did not help. It also wont let me do a disk cleanup.

So I am really stuck, any help would be great


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:26 15 Oct 2013

Download malware bytes and install on a usb stick

put stick in laptop and run

MSE is poor, Microsoft have recently admitted, it is only baseline and you should use another Antivirus. Hope you are not running Kapserky and MSE together on the same machine as they will clash. Remove all old antivirus programs and install something like AVAst (from the same link as malwarebytes)

  Secret-Squirrel 12:48 15 Oct 2013

Perry, I don't suspect a malware infection. With symptoms like yours, a Windows "System Restore" would be the first thing I'd try.

If you're not familiar with this and need step-by-step instructions then post back the version of Windows you're running.

  perry.jacobs.716 21:26 15 Oct 2013

thanks for the replies.

Fruit Bat - I was running kapersky antivirus and mse was on the laptop but it was disabled. I enabled it to run a scan as kapersky scan did not pick much up. Is avast better than both of these and should i download that and run only that? If it lets me download it of course. I tried putting malwarebytes on a usb stick but it would not work when I put it on the laptop.

Secret-Squirrel - I am not familiar with running a system restore- does doing this loose all my files on the laptop? and it has Windows 7 proffesional on it.

What would you suggest the problem is if not malware. What ever the problem is its got alot worse the longer its gone on the laptop is close unusable at present,

  bumpkin 22:28 15 Oct 2013

" I am not familiar with running a system restore- does doing this loose all my files on the laptop?"

No it won't and it is quick and easy, if you can't find it type "system restore" into the search box and follow the on screen info.

  perry.jacobs.716 00:32 16 Oct 2013

thanks bumpkin

followed what you said, done the restore to about a fortnight ago when there was no problems and unfortunately it has not resolved the issue.

Now I am more confused and do not know where to go next.

Does the fact the problems with the touch pad happen just on the login page, on the desktop and in folders like My Documents suggest a Windows problem. As when I work on the internet I dont really have any issues, touch pad works like it should. Only problem is like I mentioned before I cannot download nothing, which Im guessing could be because of a problem in Windows.

Can anyone help. Or advise on what to do next?

Thanks again

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