big trouble. XP won't boot up. can you help??

  second best 00:10 26 Mar 2003

hi. i'm not sure what i done, but i was trying to update my bios, and used a floppy containing the said file, and left it in the drive to reboot. the thing is, it just came up with 'not valid system disk' which i expected. i had not meant to leave it in the drive when i rebooted. anyway, i would have needed to type in the instuctions for the file using the dos cursor 'C:\' and then instructions for the file. i decided to reboot anyway, and it will boot as far as the desktop wall paper, but will not load any programs on the desktop, the shortcuts and windows explorer. basically, ,i have no start menu pop up. however, i can access task manager, which is how i've managed to connect to the internet. i can access my programs through taskmanager, but not all of them will run. can anyone solve this problem for me? i planned on using system restore, but can't acces it from taskmanager. i have a win 98se boot disk, but not for XP.

  internetevil 00:28 26 Mar 2003

try restarting them pc taping f8 on boot and choosing safe mode... you may get in a bit further.
(btw you will be able to get system restore to work from a "run" box but is a complicated command can be worked out eaisly by looking at the shortcut in the start menu but will need to look at xp machine to get it...)

you may be able to get the run box by pressing windows key and r

(may also find windows key and pause/break is a usefull one if it works)

also you can boot off the xp cd and run a "second level" repair (choose windows set up and should say which veriosn of window do you wish to repair...)

  billyliv 00:50 26 Mar 2003

Hi, I cant help my way of thinking. If it works OK. leave well alone until it doesn't work OK. Just because some Geeks say upgrade your BIOS by flashing -- why bother? Will your PC work any better than it did before? I doubt it very much. If you do manage to flash successfully I dare bet that you wouldn't see the slightest difference. Cheers, Bill

  second best 02:00 26 Mar 2003

er??? thnx billy, but there is a problem, that's why i'm trying everything to solve it. however, this has caused a new problem, hence this thread. can you help with this at all?

  second best 02:04 26 Mar 2003

i have tried safe mode netdevil, but all i get is a black screen with safe mode in each corner. my desktop icons do not load. windows key +? does nothing.

  powerless 02:11 26 Mar 2003

When you get into windows go to the RUN command on the start meun...

Windows Key + R and copy and paste:


Have your XP CD in the drive and click "OK"

If this does not work you will have to attempt a Repair via the boot CD.

  second best 02:14 26 Mar 2003

thnx powerless, but i cant get to the start menu, that's the problem. all i get is the desktop wallpaper. i have no taskbar at the bottom of the screen. i can ge tto the system to run any commands.

  powerless 02:16 26 Mar 2003

You will have to repair XP then...

Do you know how to do this?

  powerless 02:18 26 Mar 2003

When you press F8.

Choose "Last known good coniguration".

  Biologicalboy 06:22 26 Mar 2003

Reinstall XP!

  AndySD 11:24 26 Mar 2003

Try a Repair Instalation click here it will leave all your files intact....

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