big red x where picture once was

  elgar 15:26 28 Sep 2003

Alas my beautiful digital scrap book of my summer in Europe has heaps of red Xs where my pphotos were, what is the reason for this and how do I correct it?


  Joe McG 15:28 28 Sep 2003

what photo software are you using.?

You could try re-naming photos to .bmp or .jpeg (only if you don't mind losing a little quality (jpeg( )

  Diemmess 15:44 28 Sep 2003

You say a LARGE red x? This sounds as though something has happened in the scrapbook software.

Suggest you copy the original files into another (new)folder, and then start investigating with what you have left. Cheer -up it may be quite simple, but do copy the originals to somewhere safe first, using simple Windows copying techniques.

  elgar 16:07 28 Sep 2003

the photos were PCD format on a Kodak PhotoCD and they were imported into MS Word. I have been using this file for over a year without problems. Done all the usual checks i.e. no new software or hardware, no other changes that I know of.

  Diemmess 18:00 29 Sep 2003

Whatever size was the Word file? My experience of Word is that as a single document it can become pretty tetchy once it has only a few graphics imported.

If the graphics are linked, so that Word knows where to find them and only stores a reference to them, that is a different game, but that might be the cause if your PhotoCD is not always in the same drive.

As for losing all your masterpieces, they are still on the CD aren't they? but the work you have put in since may be in jeopardy.

There are all sorts of programs and ways for cataloguing, editing, and saving your pics which have to be better than Word

  jz 21:03 29 Sep 2003

Word 97 did sometimes have this problem. Downloading Word 97 service pack 1 from the Microsoft website should stop if happening again.

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