big problems with xp[very long].

  elbecko 09:27 02 Sep 2009


for the past few days i've had to re-install xp about 5 times, and i still don't believe i fixed whatever the problem was.

it all started a few days back when i turned the pc of at the wall instead of closing down in the correct way. it was 3am and i woke to find the pc still running so i was half asleep when i did this. this may not of caused all the problems though, it could just be a coincedence.

sometime during the next day i received an error message,'generic host win 32'. i've since read up on this and its quite a stubborn thing to get rid of.

the symptoms i started to experience were these. i couldn't download ANYTHING whatsoever. i couldn't close down the computer in the correct manner, i had to use the wall switch, had no choice.

the most frustrating thing was that not long after starting up the pc, i would click on a link, or click on a different tab, and i'd get the busy signal. that damn hourglass figure next to the mouse pointer. the trouble is it would not go away.
if i tried to close down the entire opera or IE page, i'd get that box appear that says 'end now' or 'cancel'.
didn't matter which one i clicked on, nothing happened, everything was frozen.

so i turned the computer off at the wall and started again.

i tried to download the patch KB894391 which is for that generic host win 32 error. i tried 3 times, each time the download would get to 99% and then freeze!

so i've re-installed xp a number of times now, and i just know somethings going to go wrong again.
the last time i re-installed xp i was able to download that patch and also sp3 as well. i thought that would fix it all, but i was wrong. i just finished re-installing xp about half and hr ago, so i thought i'd post my problem on the forum and see if anyone can help please.

maybe i should buy a new xp disc???


  Eric10 09:48 02 Sep 2009

When you re-install XP are you formatting the hard drive and doing a clean install or are you just re-installing over the top of what you already have?

  elbecko 10:30 02 Sep 2009

you'll have to excuse my lack of technical ability and talk.

it asks whether i wish for a whole new installation where i will lose everything i previously had, or a repair, or part instalation. i click on the full installation.

also its xp home edition.

  mooly 11:39 02 Sep 2009

I would run a disk check which is run fro within windows.
click here
See what that says.
If you reinstall an operating system cleanly and it still doesn't work then it sounds like you have other issues.

  elbecko 12:45 02 Sep 2009

thanks for your reply.

i did a disk check and all it said was that it was moving some 'orphaned files'.[don't know what that means].

i found out something new and that is my my system is NTFS. when i've re-installed windows i have been asked if i want my file system to be NTFS or keep it as it is. i clicked on the latter as that was the one that was already highlighted and i didn't know what NTFS was. would that of caused problems at all?

  mooly 12:52 02 Sep 2009

NTFS and FAT 32 etc are ways in which the data is stored in blocks on the disk.
NTFS is a later system and more robust but that's nothing to do with your problems... either will work fine.
You need to install XP on a freshly formatted disk.
I don't know how the option to format is presented with an XP install disk but I guess it must be there somewhere. You can't format from within Windows as it won't let you erase the operating system... a safegaurd.

  mooly 12:57 02 Sep 2009
  elbecko 13:43 02 Sep 2009

thanks for the link.
i'm unclear what to do on step 5. should i create a partition and put xp on that?

also in step 2 it says to press F6 if you need to install any third-party or RAID drivers.
i don't know what that means but i presume i do not press F6?

actually the setup example seems to be more or less what i have been doing.

  lotvic 13:56 02 Sep 2009

If there's a next time, for emergency shutdown just press and hold in the power button on the pc tower for about 5 seconds and it will shut down.

  Jollyjohn 14:41 02 Sep 2009


At step 5 there should be one partition listed - the same size as your hard drive unless you have created any other partitions.

select this partition to install XP onto. At the next stage select "format this partition using NTFS" - not the quick option. This may take a few minutes depending on you HDD size but will clean it up ready for the fresh installation of XP

  mooly 17:29 02 Sep 2009

I'm sure this will be similar to Vista so any partitions you have on the HDD will not be altered unless you chose to do so.
You want to install onto (and format) the C partition. Make sure it's big enough ! at least 25 to 30gb to leave room for other programs etc. If you store data on that partition then go even larger.

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