Big Problems gettimg my windows 7 64 bit desktop to shutdown!!!

  julius44 06:01 07 Mar 2013

Hello and good morning to you all. I've got a windows 7 64 bit desktop, and all of a sudden i'm having problems shutting it down!! When i go to shutdown about 80% of the time nothing happens and i'm having to swtich it off from the power button, and also if i'm idle from the desktop maybe for an about it would go into a hibernate mode, now it just stays on through out, as at times i would go to bed and leave it on and it would go into hibernate mode, I just need to be able to shut it down from normal shut down via the start menu. Any suggestions or solutions please??

  difarn 07:14 07 Mar 2013

It may be that a programme is running and preventing shut-down. Have a look at this article to see if you can identify if this is the case by disabling programmes one-by-one to see if there is a culprit.

  spuds 10:14 07 Mar 2013

Using the information from the link provided, you could try another route, if you have CCleaner installed on your computer. Select Startup in CCleaner and see what information that provides, as to what is running.

Do you run and use on a regular basis any safety or protection programs, like SuperAntiSpyware etc ?.

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