Big Problem With PC

  I,Me and Myself 21:39 26 Jun 2007

Not sure what is going on here but hope someone can help.

First of all, earlier i asked for help regarding the fact that Firefox keeps taking over as the browser even though my daughter kept trying to open online games on IE 6.

We decided to uninstall Mozilla but now we have even more problems. Firstly, I thought I would go back to a restore point but all our points have disappeared.

I found a similar link in the Helproom and someone had click here for help but when I click on the link it is opening approximately 70 IE pages which are all blank.

I have also had boxes appearing saying

Application not found


An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist.

What on earth is going on - the PC was ok earlier today.

  woodchip 21:51 26 Jun 2007

Do you have a Flat Bed Scanner?

  bluto1 21:53 26 Jun 2007

I'd start off and run cCleaner, followed by AdAware, Spybot and then whichever antivirus you use.
I'm not being funny here, it's just possible you've got a malware problem, and the first thing to do is clean them out. Others more expert than me will pick this up from there.
Your thread title could have been better chosen.

  umbongo(uk) 21:59 26 Jun 2007

you had set firefox as your main browser so when ever you go online firefox is your default also did u install windows updates as there were security flaws in ie 6 tht needed patching
but if you had done this you would be using ie 7
as it would ask you to update it to the new browser
go to the microsoft update site and install fixes

in ie6 open tools then look for windows update

  I,Me and Myself 22:50 26 Jun 2007

I don't have a flat bed scanner.

Sorry about the title of the thread - so worried I couldn't think straight.

Have ran Ad Aware, CCleaner, Spybot, Spywareblaster etc.

How do I get my System Restore back to normal?

  umbongo(uk) 09:03 27 Jun 2007

what do mean back to normal

do you mean reactivate it or create a new save point heres both

click the following
control panel
top left system restore
turn on

to create a new restore point follow this
click following
system tools
system restore
create your new restore point

  I,Me and Myself 23:29 27 Jun 2007

What i mean is how do I get the System Restore to be like it used to be?

When I go to restore my PC to an earlier time there is no dates to choose from. I have checked and System restore is not turned off.

  woodchip 23:37 27 Jun 2007

If you have Norton, Disable it then try Restore

  umbongo(uk) 23:49 27 Jun 2007

check that your date and time are correctly set
re-check system restore , if they were incorrect which can wont show restore points

have you checked each month
back to when u know it had saved mainly when an update was installed

if none of the above helped .your restore points have been wiped

this can happen when a virus or adaware program asks you to turn off system restore to make sure the virus/malware is cleaned from the system ,in doing this you also wipe out all past restore saves

create a new restore point turn off computer then check to see if the newly created point is there
thats all the advice i can give
should work fine

  woodchip 23:51 27 Jun 2007

When you turn system restore off then back on a Restore point should be made by the program. So he should have at least one if that is what happend

  I,Me and Myself 23:54 27 Jun 2007

umbongo(uk) - this all ties in with my other thread, Malware Problem. I have a win XP disc. What do I need to do with it?

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