ARTY DAN 13:05 15 Jan 2006

I have been on the mesh website and had a look at the matrix titan BFX, and rang the sales line asked the sales guy to configure it the way I wanted it and send me the quote it came out £946.including delivery
I looked at the evesham axis Axis MKR configured that the way I wanted that came out at £1,088.92 I think the graphics card is not as good as the mesh the hard drive is smaller by 50 gb apart from that the processor is the same, memory the same, and warranty, 3 years onsite is the same, it has windows media centre edition which I wouldn't make use of, as opposed to windows xp included with the mesh machine.
the evesham price doesn't include delivery that is £40 so I'm looking at £1,128.92.
Mesh computers in the PC PRO awards gets 4 stars out of six for reliabilty 3 for support and four stars out of six for satisfaction over all they get four stars.
Evesham get five stars for reliability five for support and six for satisfaction over all they get five stars I already have an evesham computer and only had one problem, an engineer came out looked at the hard drive a wire was loose on the hard drive he simply swapped the plug for another one already in the machine and it worked perfectly thats the only problem in 2 years and 8 months near enough, not sure how the wire came loose but won't affect expansion of hard drive capacity which is good news for anyone wanting to buy my P.C.
The graphics card in the Evesham is a 256MB ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E graphics.The graphics card in the mesh computer is an nvidia gforce 6600LE asked for this because on the original specification it has the 6800 which is way beyond what I need and it would be £100 more added to the price.
Has anyone got a mesh computer are they reliable is the support good, over all how satisfied are you with them. Would appreciate a reply thanks.


  the old man 16:39 15 Jan 2006

I have had my original evesham for 6 years now and the only thing that has gone wrong, apart from operator error, was a duff CRT monitor which went about 3 weeks after i bought it. this was replaced within 4-5 days so no hardship. Tech support has been excellent. Not sure about Mesh but I am going to get a new computer soon and have had a look at one or two of their machines. I have done a check on this site for any members views on each company and there are a few more gripes against Mesh. I am not knocking them however as i am sure there are a hell of a lot of satisfied Mesh customers out there and there are quite a few disgruntled Evesham customers. My experience, Evesham are tops but...........
Weigh everything up over a couple of weeks and then make your decision. If it all goes pear shaped it will be your choice but at least you didn't dive in. Good luck. That extra few quid may be the difference however.

  the old man 16:44 15 Jan 2006

Forgot to mention to do a search in the consumerwatch forum for mesh and evesham for any entries and read thru. 100 entries came up for me a minute ago against each company. good point to start whilst waiting for any other replies from members.

  Lettervanman 16:49 15 Jan 2006

Never had a Mesh. Am on third Evesham,The first back in Windows 3.1 days!
They are not faultless,but what is?
I have found their support to be very good,may be worth the extra money.

  silliw 21:16 15 Jan 2006

Thought I would speak up for Mesh. I have had two Mesh machines myself my brother has had two and a colleague bought one 12 months ago. Only problem was a hard disk failure which was replaced on site within 48 hours and no problems since.

Both suppliers use reliable components so the machines will be very similar. Again, I have only had cause to use the Mesh helpline once and then I found it to be fine.

Given the choice, I would not hesitate to buy another Mesh machine. As they say your only ever as good as your last performance and for me the Mesh rocks.

  phil46 22:08 15 Jan 2006

I got my first Evesham in 2000 never had a problem bouught a second one in 2002 no problem
i wish i had kept to Evesham bought an Acer desktop with in three weeks PSU fan wasn't working unless you tapped it so i either send it back to Acer cost £20 for a £3 fan replaced it myself had to break security seal so now have no cover.
Should have stuck with Evesham.

  dmm27 23:37 04 Feb 2006

looking at the forums for mesh, and going on personal experience, i would avoid mesh. however at the end of the day you make your own choice. If teh Mesh one works fine, then you got a good deal. If not then I get the impression that eveshams support is better if problems. Personally i'd not spend the extra on Evesham, but wouldnt buy from Mesh out of principle.

To some extent it is a bit like insure your house cos you couldnt afford to replace it if it burns down. TV extended warranties are a waste of money, you can usually afford to buy a new one. At the end of the day, you could buy the Mesh, put the saving you make on the Evesham in the bank. Then youve potentially made a saving if it all works out fine.

  nervyman 00:29 05 Feb 2006

My first PC is an Evesham I got just before Christmas from their Armley showroom. I configured a Pc for £990 and when I got it home discovered they had put in a faster processor than I asked for and used a better case, works great. They told me it was fine and to keep quiet. My experience is that the staff are knowlegable and interested in giving customers a good deal, rather than baffling you with jargon and sucking the money from your pocket. I'd buy from them again but I know there'll be Evesham customers who haven't had my luck. If your're going to spend a lot of money go with a company with a good reputation that you feel you can trust. Life's too short to waste on the phone to tech support.

  Never again 00:47 05 Feb 2006

..... and if I could afford it I would buy Evesham.

Things do go wrong with computers and the difference is that Evesham have always sorted it out to my satisfaction for all of my 3 purchases, whereas I would not buy anything from Mesh again.

... I am sure that there are people out there who feel differently and have had no problems with Mesh.

My personal opinion is they have a great value for money spec but you had better hope that it never goes wrong or that you never have to contact customer services, especially with a laptop, as they don't actually support them themselves.

Good luck.

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