big hard drive problem...

  arminmckidd 10:30 24 Sep 2010

ok so i have this Hitachi 1TB drive. I had it placed in an enclosure so that i can keep it more portable than my other drives.
a few days ago,I accidentally dropped it from about the height of a standard pc tower and now everytime i connect back the power and usb the drive starts BEEPING and then a STOP noise right after.

I didnt think much of it at the time, i thought the enclosure broke. I placed the drive back into my PC and lo' and behold the beeping is back and its taken a long time to boot up(about the time im writing this post).

My PC just finished booting up and the drive is nowhere to be seen in 'Computer' and the beeping continues as i write this.

Would could i do?

  johndrew 10:49 24 Sep 2010

Bad news I think.

Dropping drives, even from relatively low heights, often breaks them and it sounds as if this one is dead.

The fact your PC is having problems recognising it - the long boot time - is also and indicator.

  arminmckidd 11:02 24 Sep 2010

so theres absolutely no way to fix it? and i did have a lot of important work files on there

  johndrew 11:15 24 Sep 2010

There are companies who will attempt to recover data from broken drives click here|countryGB&btnG=Google+Search but they are generally expensive. You could try to get a quote from some to see whether it is worth it to you or not.

I don`t know of any 'do-it-yourself' facilities that work in this situation as specialist equipment and very clean conditions are required.

I know the horse has bolted, but any really important files I have are on my main drive, backed up on a second internal and an external drive. If you have only a single internal, it is still worth keeping files in two places (other than an external) such as on DVD.

  johndrew 11:16 24 Sep 2010

Sorry, bad link above click here

  Terry Brown 15:32 24 Sep 2010

As Johndrew says, I think you have damaged the drive and unless there is important material on there that you cannot do without (specialist recovery), I'm afraid thats it so much scrap metal.

  robin_x 22:36 24 Sep 2010

Post got me thinking. 'Would chkdsk /R' tell Windows not to use the damaged sectors?

Then I had a quick hunt and found these..

click here

click here

Good luck

  robin_x 22:39 24 Sep 2010

Sorry if Windows can't see it then of course chkdsk won't.

If Linux can't either then it is beyond amateur efforts I guess.

  Condom 10:59 25 Sep 2010

Don't give up completely on your damaged hard drive. As it is 1TB is is clearly quite new so go to the manufacturer site and you will find that they will replace it for you free of charge. The site will give you instructions on how and where to return your damaged drive. I have done this twice and got factory replacements within 1 week.

  johndrew 11:31 25 Sep 2010

It could be a replacement will be provided, but it will do little to recover the data which is more the concern in this case.

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