Big Guns go head to head....what do you think ?

  Howard. 13:36 29 Mar 2003

Time computers have just put a new computer on the market and it looks good.
Also Aldi the German giant is about to do the same what does the folk at PC Advisor think of them...........

Any comments
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  MAJ 14:17 29 Mar 2003

No way would I buy a "Time" computer, to me it would be like buying an IBM hard drive (never, never), and I don't know Medion. Multivision or Mesh for me, I think.

  Forum Editor 14:25 29 Mar 2003

Bit of a sweeping remark isn't it? Especially as Time make some superb machines - for instance
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  MAJ 14:31 29 Mar 2003

Not sweeping at all, FE, I thought it was quite specific. It wouldn't really matter to me if they made a 5GHz machine and sold it at £250 complete with all the latest............. The Time name is just too big of a liability, in my opinion.

  Howard. 14:39 29 Mar 2003

My first Puter was a Medion and it was superb, I have a Mesh now, and that also has been great, the last time Aldi sold a computer they went faster that a Peter Kay front row seat, and they showed the UK how to unload a product.

Time may have a real winner with this one, I'm in the hunt for another computer and both of these look the business although I still have to check the spec fully on the Medion, the Time machine I have to say looks Superb, could be a toss-up unless the folk at PC Advisor can choose between them.

  interzone55 16:44 29 Mar 2003

1) Time make some very decent PCs, and as they're built to order you will generally get the latest spec. Also they're UK based and their repair centre is usually has a very quick turnaround.
2) Buy a PC from Aldi & where do you return it if anything goes wrong?

MAJ why is the Time name too much of a liability?
I bought a Time PC in 1999 and have never had to have it repaired, the only thing I did to it before I passed it on to my sister was add some more memory & update the graphics card. It's still using the same Fujitsu hard drive & AMD K6-500 cpu.

  Howard. 17:39 29 Mar 2003

Yes Alan I get your point, It seems to me Time (in the past) has maybe had some bad press, but you do not survive long in the computer business if you let the customer down, I must admit because of negative feedback concerning Time (usually because of indiferent customer care again in the past)I for one have not really kept abreast of there products, but when something as inviting as this comes along I just have to be intrested.
I have owned a Medion, and a good product it was too, I didn't have to return it but I have returned other items to Aldi and always got my money back no problems.

  pj123 17:55 29 Mar 2003

sorry FE but i agree with everyone else. Would never buy a Time PC. I have had too many Time PCs (and Tiny PCs) back to fix.

  Time - Chris 09:59 31 Mar 2003

Clearly my views on the Aldi vs Time debate are going to have bias but Time has been producing PCs since 1987 and is now the UKs biggest independent manufacturer. We are also the 4th biggest shipper of PCs in the UK, behind Dell, HP and NEC.
We have 2.5 million happy customers and you don't get that kind of success by being 3rd Division!! And, while we openly admit that our support wasn't the best a few years ago, we have really changed because we realise how important customers are to our business.

Finally, Time has a representative on this forum and I'm not aware that Medion or Aldi have?

Thanks for letting me have my rant - but we're not that bad you know!!

Cheers - Chris

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