Big AVG problem!

  Europa 14:34 08 Jun 2003

Today, when I started my computer, the AVG icon on the taskbar wasn't there. At first, I wasn't worried because it does that from time to time. Usually, when I reboot, it reappear again. But this time it didn't. So I looked for the desktop icon, and it has vanished too. Then I searched for files and folders containing AVG, and there was none! It's like a wizard had waved his magic wand and talaaa! no more AVG. So I restaured my computer to an earlier date, it brought back AVG, then I've downloaded an update from the grisoft site, and at the end of it, a window appeared sayng that the downloaded file was damaged and will be deleted and that my AVG installation will not be updated. Can someone tell me what's gone wrong?
Another thing : before I realised that AVG was unexistent on my computer, I looked if I had emails. The icon in outlook express that show that something is downloading wasn't there, then I suppose to have received an email but it's nowhere to be seen. Where is it?
Thanks in advance.

  Belatucadrus 14:55 08 Jun 2003

Grisoft do a Bugbear B click here removal utility, probably not a bad idea to download and run it. It may not solve anything, but can't do any harm.

  Gandalph 14:55 08 Jun 2003

Have you checked in Program Files to see if the Grisoft Folder is still there. If it is, open it and run the Setup.exe file and close down the computer an re-boot. Let us know what happens then.

  graham√ 15:02 08 Jun 2003

Send yourself an email to see if that bit is working.

  Europa 16:04 08 Jun 2003

Wouldn't it be simpler to uninstall the AVG program that I've got now and download it again from the grisoft site? As I cannot update the database files without them being damaged, it would be starting afresh.

  Europa 20:26 08 Jun 2003


I've tried the site you suggested but it is impossible to download the files required for a scan. Maybe the internet is overcrowded at the moment, all I know is that the files seems to start downloading alright then stop, or freeze my computer, in which case I need to reboot. What I will do is leave it at that tonight and try again tomorrow, but one thing for sure, I've never experience such problem before. Just in case it is the bugbear intercepting anything regarding antivirus files and programs, is there any sites or other suggestion to scan or get rid of it?
I sent myself an email and received it, but if that bugbear is going through emails from known commercial sites, I MIGHT have been infected that way, but I still hope it's not that.

  Europa 18:48 09 Jun 2003

Well, that's something else!
I've just used the Symantec security check and apparently I have no viruses. Then I retried to download the AVG update and it works this time!
I still do not understand what has happened yesterday, it would be interesting to know the answer to that one, but, hey, what a relief!
I want to thank you all for your help, it's people like you that makes this site great!

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